Don Quixote Part I

Don Quixote Part I by Thomas Shelton.


Bilingual Edition of Don Quixote

Bilingual Edition of Don Quixote with concordances by Miguel Garci-Gómez, Duke University.


Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

A site at the Universidad de Alcalá dedicated to the life of Miguel De Cervantes. This site includes a chronology, discussion on Cervantes' life, related links, and much more. This site is in Spanish.


Cervantes in CyberSpain

An online biography of Cervantes and Spanish version of Don Quixote.


Biblioteca Virtual Miguel De Cervantes

Spanish versions of Cervantes works available online from Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes.


Don Quixote on Tape

Blackstone Audio has available for purchase over the web copies of Don Quixote de la Mancha on audio tape, read by Robert Whitfield. These tapes may be purchased or rented.


Narration of Don Quixote

Cervantes Virtual has a collection of Don Quixote's works available as audio files, as narrated by Camilo Garcia Casar.



Electronic text of Don Quixote with concordance, statistics and graphics.