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Image 1850-Philadelphia-Leary-01-004 
Illustration No. 1     
Illustrator Antonio Carnicero (copied after) 
Engraver Unknown 
Title Caption SANCHO PANZA. 
Title Supplied  
Part Part II, Madrid 1615  
Chapter Chapter 47 
Subject 47.1 SP not allowed to eat by Pedro Recio
Illustration Type Chapter illustration
Technique Wood engraving or Xylography
Color Black and white 
Page Number f. blank page before title page 
Image Dimension 75 x 55 
Page Dimension 126 x 80 
Commentary Doctor Pedro Recio orders the servants to take away the dishes from Sancho's table; Sancho looks at Pedro Recio angrily.
Well-known scene since Coypel (Paris: Surugue, 1724).
Sancho's figure is forced, but with good expression.
Poor engraving. 
Notes 1 - Same wooden-block first engraved for Exeter: J. & B. Williams, 1827-28, and 1843.
2 - Placed as frontis #4.