Image 1863Paris-Hachette-01-114 
Illustration No. 1     
Illustrator Paul Gustave Louis Christophe Doré 
Engraver Héliodore Joseph Pisan 
Title Caption  
Title Supplied Encounter of Dorotea, don Fernando, Cardenio and Luscinda at the inn 
Part Part I, Madrid 1605  
Chapter Chapter 36 
Subject 36.2 Resolution of love affairs of Cardenio and Luscinda, Dorotea and Don Fernando
Illustration Type Head vignette
Technique Wood engraving or Xylography
Color Black and white 
Page Number 299 
Image Dimension 106 x 185 
Page Dimension 433 x 313 
Commentary Accurate to Cervantes' text, Dorotea kneels down before don Fernando and embraces his legs when he tries to drawn his sword against Cardenio, who is holding Luscinda, fainted.
This four characters are especially well-drawn and engraved, but the other figures are remarkable too (Sancho, the priest, the barber, the innkeeper and her wife and Maritornes); notice the variety of movements, expressions and gestures creating a great confusion.