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Image 1877-Tours-Mame-01-006 
Illustration No. 1     
Illustrator Jean-Ignace-Isidore GĂ©rard Grandville (?) 
Engraver Unknown 
Title Caption  
Title Supplied Don Quixote beaten by the groom of the silk merchants 
Part Part I, Madrid 1605  
Chapter Chapter 4 
Subject 4.4 Adventure of the merchants from Toledo
Illustration Type Vignette
Technique Wood engraving or Xylography
Color Black and white 
Page Number 35 
Image Dimension 105 x 84 
Page Dimension 242 x 155 
Commentary In the foreground, don Quixote fallen on the ground and beaten by a groom; in the background, Rocinante, fallen too, and the merchants of Toledo; one of the merchants is ordering the groom to stop beating don Quixote.
The groom's figure is quite remarkable; don Quixote's less.
Notice the different kind of drawing/engraving used for foreground (well-detailed) or background (sketched). 
Notes 1 - The illustration is not signed either by the illustrator or by the engraver.
2 - Same illustration first appeared in Tours: A. Mame, 1848.