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Image 1731-London-Walthoe-03-004 
Illustration No. 1     
Illustrator Charles-Antoine Coypel (copied after) 
Engraver Jan van der Gucht 
Title Caption Don Quixot being Deceiv'd by Sancho, mistakes a Country Wench for his Dulcinia 
Title Supplied  
Part Part II, Madrid 1615  
Chapter Chapter 10 
Subject 10.2 The three labradoras
Illustration Type Chapter illustration
Technique Burin engraving
Color Black and white 
Volume III 
Page Number f.p. 64 
Image Dimension 120 x 132 
Page Dimension 160 x 160 
Commentary Scene resolved with a basic composition.
Don Quixote and Sancho kneel down before three peasant girls mounted on donkeys. Sancho holds enchanted Dulcinea's donkey reins and don Quixote tries to kiss her foot.
The three peasant girls are represented as French maidens.
Baroque landscape including a lake with fishermen (very different from La Mancha landscape); well-detailed engraving. 
Notes 1 - Inverted copy after Coypel’s illustration (Paris: Surugue, c. 1728-30).