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Image 1662-Bruselas-Mommarte-01-004-t 
Illustration No. 1     
Illustrator Unknown 
Engraver I.C.I. 
Title Caption  
Title Supplied Emblem with inscription POST TENEBRAS SPERO LUCEM 
Part Part I, Madrid 1605  
Chapter 01. Title page 
Subject 01.1 Engraved title page
Illustration Type Title page
Technique Woodcut
Color Black and white 
Page Number Title page 
Image Dimension 47 x 52 
Page Dimension 180 x 108 
Commentary Printer's emblem.
A palm tree whose branches are caught by a man holding a spade (allegory of Work?) and by a woman with an anchor and holding a hawk (allegory of Hope).
Between them, a falconry gauntlet with a hawk and the inscription "POST TENEBRAS SPERO LUCEM" (After darkness, await light).
The gauntlet, the hawk and the inscription are elements also in Juan de la Cuesta's emblem in Madrid: Juan de la Cuesta, 1605.