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Image 1804-London-Nicol-01-038 
Illustration No. 1     
Illustrator William Hogarth 
Engraver John Mills 
Title Caption  
Title Supplied Don Quixote healed by the innkeeper's wife 
Part Part I, Madrid 1605  
Chapter Chapter 16 
Subject 16.1 DQ and SP arrival at second inn
Illustration Type Illustration
Technique Burin engraving
Color Black and white 
Volume III 
Page Number f.p. 304 
Image Dimension 129 x 101 
Page Dimension 230 x 135 
Commentary The innkeeper's wife and daughter curing don Quixote's wounds; also Maritornes, holding a candle, and Sancho.
Notice Hogarth's scathing and satirical style in some figures: the innkeeper's wife, Maritornes or Sancho.
Maritornes' figure is especially remarkable; very grotesque.
The light and shadow contrasts are very strong; they suggest a very gloomy atmosphere (as a scene of witches); quite remarkable too.
The quality of drawing and engraving is excellent. 
Notes 1 - Same plate first engraved for Hogarth Illustrated (London: J. & J. Boydel, 1798, vol. 3).
2 - Re-engraved copy after Hogarth's illustration for London: Tonson, 1738; this is one of the 6 illustrations rejected by Carteret and Oldfield.