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Image 1808-Barcelona-05-002 
Illustration No. 1     
Illustrator Antonio Rodríguez (copied after) 
Engraver Manuel Peleguer y Tossar 
Title Caption Destrozo que hizo D. Quixote en el retablo de maese Pedro. 
Title Supplied  
Part Part II, Madrid 1615  
Chapter Chapter 26 
Subject 26.3 DQ attacks and destroys the puppets
Illustration Type Chapter illustration
Technique Burin engraving
Color Black and white 
Page Number f.p. 44 
Image Dimension 90 x 52 
Page Dimension 136 x 70 
Commentary In the center of the composition, don Quixote attacking the theater and the puppets; on the left, Maese Pedro appears from the upper part of the theater (also his ape and his servant holding a wand).
Good engraving; remarkable skill to detail many figures in a small-format illustration. 
Notes 1 - Copy after M. Álvarez' illustration for Madrid: Imprenta de Vega, 1804, which was also a copy after Antonio Rodríguez' illustration for Madrid: Imprenta Real, 1797.