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Image 1826-Madrid-Burgos-01-005 
Illustration No. 1     
Illustrator José Rivelles (copied ater) 
Engraver Unknown 
Title Caption Por el otro iba echando el vino. 
Title Supplied  
Part Part I, Madrid 1605  
Chapter Chapter 2 
Subject 2.4. DQ’s dinner at inn
Illustration Type Chapter illustration
Technique Burin engraving
Color Black and white 
Page Number f.p. 10 
Image Dimension 116 x 65 
Page Dimension 153 x 95 
Commentary In the center, the innkeeper giving don Quixote to drink with a cane through his helmet; at both sides, a boy with a lamp (taken from the scene of don Quixote knighted), doña Tolosa and doña Molinera; also the swineherd accurate to Cervantes' text; "llegó acaso a la venta un castrador de puercos, y así como llegó sonó su silbato de cañas cuatro o cinco veces" (2:1).
Quite acceptable engraving as a whole, but not in some details. 
Notes 1 - Plate I.
2 - Copied with several changes and turned after José Rivelles' illustration for Madrid: Imprenta Real, 1819.