Image 1700-1706London-01-002 
Illustration No. 1     
Illustrator Frederik Bouttats (copied) 
Engraver Michael van der Gucht 
Title Caption Don Quixote delivers a youth from Whipping 
Title Supplied  
Part Part I, Madrid 1605  
Chapter Chapter 4 
Subject 4.3 DQ frees Andrés from Juan Haldudo
Illustration Type Chapter illustration
Technique Burin engraving
Color Black and white 
Page Number f.p. 17 
Image Dimension 143 x 87 
Page Dimension 177 x 110 
Commentary This illustration copies that by Bouttats (Amberes: Verdussen, 1672 - 1673), who had re-organized Savery's composition (Dordrecht: Savery, 1657) changing the position of the characters in the foreground (Andrés and Juan Haldudo) and putting Rocinante at a gallop.
The engraving is more detailed regarding the landscape.
Don Quixote and Rocinante are drawn disproportionately.