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2014 Istambul Don Quijote TUR 2 8vo b. Editions EU
1950 Buenos Aires Farlag Ikuf Don Ḳikhoṭ : der adeliḳer balmoyekh Don Ḳikhoṭ fun La Manṭsha P. Katz YID 2 8vo b. Editions LC761 TAMU
Illustrations: Contains a portrait of Cervantes (signed by B. S.) and one frontispiece; pictorial front covers.
Description: Abridged Yiddish translation.
1999 Guadalajara AACHE Ediciones Historia Domini Quijoti Manchegui Ignacio Calvo Ignacio Calvo LAT 1 8vo c. Adaptations EU
Description: Prologue by Juan Luis Francos. An adaptation/translation in latin "macarrónico". This is the fourth edition.
1897 Madrid Sucesores de Rodríguez y Odriózola Don Quijote en Madrid, Comedia en tres actos y en verso Mariano de Vela y Maestre SPA 1 8vo c. Adaptations TAMU
Illustrations: none
Description: Imprt.; Madrid: F. Fiscowich, 1897, number XI, Teatro Español.
1948 Mexico Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes Don Quijote, farsa en tres actos y dos entremeses Salvador Novo SPA 1 8vo c. Adaptations TAMU
Illustrations: Contains eight pages of illustrations with 32 photographs. It also has a pictorial cover.
1982 Salamanca Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca El Hidalgo de La Mancha Juan de Matos Fragoso, Juan Bautista Diamante, Juan Vélez de Guevara Manuel García Martín SPA 1 8vo c. Adaptations EU
Description: Number 40 in series "Temas científicos y literarios."
1989 México Fundación Cervantina Eulalio Ferrer Antología poética sobre el 'Quijote' Francisco Cervantes SPA 1 4to c. Adaptations EU
Illustrations: Includes illustrations by Francisco de Icaza, and others.
Description: Selections from 45 poets arranged in chronological order, from 1853 to 1947. Published by the Museo Iconográfico del Quijote in Guanajuato.
1991 Hondarribia, Bilbao Argitaletxe Hiru, D.L. El viaje infinito de Sancho Panza: teatro de aventuras 1983-1984 Alfonso Sastre SPA 1 8vo small c. Adaptations TAMU
Description: A play about Sancho going mad reading chivalry books.
1998 Toledo Ediciones Dulcinea del Toboso El Quijote en verso Enrique del Pino SPA 1 8vo c. Adaptations TAMU
Illustrations: Illustrated front cover with illustration by G. Doré.
2001 Toledo Disputación Provincial de Ciudad Real El 'Quijote' en verso: Origen y destinos José Veliz Domingo, Federico Javier Quintanar Cortés SPA 1 8vo c. Adaptations TAMU
Illustrations: With some illustrations: cartoons, photographs, drawing, and portraits of Cervantes.
Description: Contains verse and commentary. This is a poetic adaptation by José Veliz Domingo and commentary by Federico Javier Quintanar Cortés.
1729 London J. Darby The Comical History of Don Quixote: as it was acted at the Queen’s Theatre in Dorset Garden by Their Majesties Servants Thomas D'Urfey ENG 1 12mo c. Adaptations G207 TAMU
Illustrations: none
Description: This is the second edition of all three parts in one volume of last piece set to music by Henry Purcell. The first edition was published in London, 1694.
1734 London Printed for J. Watts Don Quixote in England: a comedy, as it is acted at the New Theater in the Hay-market Henry Fielding ENG 1 8vo c. Adaptations TAMU
Description: Includes music.
c1833 London Richardson & Clarke Don Quixote, or the Knight of the Woeful Countenance: A musical extravaganza, in two acts G. Almar W. T. Moncrieff ENG 1 8vo c. Adaptations A346 TAMU
Illustrations: With an engraving by Landells and a drawing by Seymour.
Description: A musical extravaganza played at the Surrey theater April 8, 1833, "printed from the acted copy, with copious remarks, critical and explanatory, by W.T. Moncrieff, to which are added a description of the costume -- entrances and exits -- and the whole of the stage business."
1850 Paris Revue des deux mondes Don Quichotte ou les deux héritages, moralité à plusieurs personnages Prosper Mérimée FRE 1 8vo c. Adaptations TAMU
Description: Volume VII, XX année- Nouvelle Période (1 julio, 1850), pp. 5-79. Pre-publication version of the least known of Mérimée´s plays. It was later published in 1853 under the title Deux héritages.
1864 Paris Michel Lévy Freres Don Quichotte Victorien Sardou FRE 1 8vo c. Adaptations TAMU
Description: Drama in 3 acts, first represented in Paris, June 25, 1864. First edition.
1906 Paris Joubert Le Chevalier de la longue figure, Don Quichotte Jacques Le Lorrain FRE 1 8vo c. Adaptations TAMU
Illustrations: Portrait of the author.
Description: Preface by Jean Thorel.
1910 Paris Heugel & Cie Don Quichotte, Comédie Héroique en 5 actes Jules Massenet FRE 1 8vo c. Adaptations TAMU
Description: Musical score. Libretto by Henri Cain after Jacques Le Lorrain's stage adaptation, divided into 5 acts: "Une place publique," "Les Moulins," "Dans la Sierra," "Le patio de la belle Dulcinée," and "La morte de Don Quichotte." First performed February 19, 1910, at the Théatre de Monte-Carlo.
1931 Paris Librairie Delagrave Don Quichotte de la Manche: Comédie en deux actes Meryem Cécyl FRE 1 8vo c. Adaptations TAMU
Illustrations: Contains six vignettes by Guillaume le Barrois d'Orgeval, "Guydo". Same first published in Paris: Delagrave, 1903(?).
Description: A play adaptation based on the Quixote. 8th edition. Ornamental cover. Includes tale "Chez Les Canaques" with 1 illus.
1939 Paris Le Rire Les véridiques aventures d'un Don Quichotte à la manque Ben FRE 1 8vo c. Adaptations TAMU
Illustrations: It contains 24 illustrations by Ben, two in color, plus a pictorial cover also in color.
Description: Published in the journal Le Rire, n. 1015, January 6, 1939.
1983 Paris Futuropolis Don Quijote Jacovitti FRE 1 4to c. Adaptations TAMU
Illustrations: Pictorial covers in color and 24 pages of illustrated comics.
Description: Adaptation in comic book format.
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