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1929 Madrid Imprenta del P. de H. de los Cuerpos de Intendencia e Intervención Militares El alma de Cervantes. Pensamientos, máximas y consejos entresacados de las obras de Cervantes al alcance de la inteligencia de los niños Manuel de la Cueva SPA 1 8vo g. Other TAMU
Illustrations: Pictorial cover, portrait of Cervantes and 25 illustrations by Angel Vivanco.
Description: Third edition. Prologue by Francisco Rodríguez Marín; 233 quotations from text divided into 25 categories.
1929-1931 Maestricht Leiter-Nypels S.A. Don Quichotte Xavier de Cardaillac and Jean Labarthe FRE 4 F b. Editions GG319-323 TAMU
Illustrations: Includes 126 chapter illustrations and 128 tailpieces designed by Hermann Paul. The illustrations were done between 1928 and 1931. "Obra maestra del género -tal vez la mejor edición que del Quijote se haya hecho en nuestros complejos y azarosos tiempos" (Givanel).
Description: Printed on handmade paper in a limited edition of 375 copies. Includes original yellow wrappers in slipcases. Cushing's copy number 159.
1929 Torino Societa Editrice Internazionale Il Don Chisciotte del Cervantes Gigi Michelotti ITA 1 8vo d. Children's Editions TAMU
Illustrations: Illustrated front cover and 8 chapter illustrations drawn by A. Zetto after Tony Johannot's designs (for Paris: Dubochet, 1836-37).
Description: Abridged adaptation for young readers.
1930 Barcelona Salvat y Cia. El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha C. Vázquez SPA 2 4to b. Editions S315; P52333; BN379 TAMU
Illustrations: Illustrated with a selection of 54 chapter illustrations by Daniel Urrabieta Vierge (first published in NY: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1906, and London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1906-07), and a frontispiece by Josep Triadó i Mayol. The prologue is by Carlos Vázquez.
Description: This is the second edition; first published in 1916.
c1930 Barcelona Cervantes Enciclopedia gráfica: La Mancha y el ´Quijote´ Angel Dotor y Municio et al SPA 1 4to b. Geography and History TAMU
Illustrations: Contains a pictorial cover and 80 pages of paintings and illustrations by various authors (Moreno Carbonero, C. Vázquez) and photographs documenting La Mancha.
Description: Volume I of the Enciclopedia Gráfica.
c1930 Fécamp Imp. de la Bénedictine Don Quichotte FRE 1 8vo g. Other TAMU
Illustrations: 8 color illustrations by Fargeot and pictorial covers.
Description:  Curious story in 12 pages advertising the Liqueur Bénédictine, rescued by Don Quixote from the enchanters.
1930 Lisboa Parceria Antonio Maria Pereira O Engenhoso Fidalgo D. Quichote de la Mancha Visconde de Benalcanfor, and D. Luis Breton y Vedra POR 2 4to b. Editions P53307 TAMU
Illustrations: Contains a portrait of Cervantes, Juan de la Cuesta's 1605 emblem, 28 chapter illustrations and Sancho's signature designed by Manuel de Macedo and engraved by José Severini (based on Tony Johannot's illus. for Paris: Dubochet, 1836-37).
Description: This is the second edition. The first edition was published in 1877-78.
1930 London The Nonesuch Press The History of the Renowned Don Quixote de la Mancha P. Motteux ENG 2 8vo b. Editions P52677; LC498 TAMU
Illustrations: Contains 21 chapter illustrations in black and white and color shade designed by Edward McKnight Kauffer. The illustrations do not refer to specific episodes or adventures; they have been designed more like evocative images about don Quixote's dreams, fantasies, travels... according to an expressionist/surrealist style quite in keeping with don Quixote's own mind.
Description: Limited edition, Cushing's copy # 157 of 1475, of which only 575 were for sale in the USA. It was printed in England by Walter Lewis, U of Cambridge's printer, on Casinensis hand made paper. It is in a slipcase.
1930 Madrid Revista de Archivos, Bibliotecas y Museos Catálogo bibliográfico de la sección de Cervantes de la Biblioteca Nacional G. Martín del Río y Rico SPA 1 4to V. Bibliographies and Catalogues TAMU
Description: Includes bibliographical descriptions of 1778 items.
1930 New York Random House Don Quixote Ozell's revision of Peter Motteux ENG 1 8vo b. Editions TAMU
Illustrations: With 16 illustrations by Gustave Doré.
Description: The Modern Library edition. Introduction by Herschel Brickell.
c1930 New York Miniature Dictionary Publishers The Life and Achievements of Don Quixote de la Mancha ENG 1 32mo b. Editions TAMU
Description: Miniature edition in leather pouch, 55mm. Sole agent M. Minkus.
c1930 Paris Librairie Garnier Frères L´ingénieux hidalgo Don Quichotte de la Manche Florian FRE 1 8vo small b. Editions TAMU
Illustrations: Contains an illustrated front cover in color by Charles Hirlemann, one frontispiece, a portrait of Cervantes and 49 vignettes designed by Pierre Gustave Eugène Staal (after Tony Johannot) and engraved in wood by Pannemaker (Adolphe François Pannemaker &/or Stéphane Pannemaker, Eugène Mouard, Midderigh, and others. Also contains an ornamental vignette after "Notice sur Michel de Cervantes". The same illustrations first appeared in Paris: Garnier Frères, c1863 (1866) except for the illustrated front cover and the ornamental vignette.
Description: "Nouvelle édition"
c1930 Paris Fernand Nathan Don Quichotte de la Manche Gisèle Vallerey FRE 1 8vo d. Children's Editions P53003 TAMU
Illustrations: Contains an illustrated front cover in color, an illustrated title page, 18 initials, 35 black and white vignettes, four chapter illustrations in color, 13 tailpieces and an illustrated back cover; some dated in 1930; all signed, but the signature is unreadable.
Description: Abridged edition published in the collection Oeuvres celebres pour la jeunesse.
1930 Paris Pierre Lafitte et Cie., Éditeurs Don Quichotte Henri Duvernois FRE 1 8vo d. Children's Editions TAMU
Illustrations: Contains an illustrated front cover and eight chapter illustrations designed by F. M. B. Blaikie. All are in color. The same illustrations first published in London: E.C. & T.C. Jack, c1910.
Description: Adaptation for young children.
1930 Paris Les Presses Modernes Critique du Livre de Dom Quichotte de la Manche Pierre Perrault Maurice Bardon FRE 1 8vo c. Criticism TAMU
Description: Thesis editing Perrault´s study of the Quixote, originally published in 1679, presented at the Université de Paris, Faculté des Lettres.
c1930 Paris Editions Paul Duval Principales Aventures de Don Quichotte de la Manche Th. Lemoine de Estevanez FRE 1 8vo d. Children's Editions TAMU
Illustrations: 10 b/w chapter illustrations by anonymous artist (including one as frontispiece); also with a pictorial cover. Same also published in Paris: Editions Casterman, 1890.
Description: Abridged adaptation for young readers.
1930 Tours Maison Alfred Mame et Fils Don Quichotte de la Manche FRE 1 4to d. Children's Editions P53000 EU
Illustrations: Pictorial cover and 16 color plates, illustrated back cover and 60 black and white illustrations by Albert Uriet. Portrait of Cervantes.
Description: Text adapted for children by Joseph Groussin. Brief Appendix at end about Cervantes.
1931 Barcelona Ramón Sopena El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha SPA 1 8vo b. Editions P52353; BN383 TAMU
Illustrations: The edition has an illustrated front cover in color by Vicente, 46 black and white photographs and six chapter illustrations in color by Carlos Vázquez Úbeda and 50 black and white illustrations (chapter illus. and vignettes). It also has a chapter illustration in color by Luis Palao y Ortubia.
Description: Includes an essay about the life and works of Cervantes, and a bibliography by Albino Herrero Miguel. Published in the Biblioteca Hispania.
1931 Cambridge Harvard University Press Cervantes: a Tentative Bibliography of his Works and of the Bibliographical and Critical Material Concerning Him. Jeremiah D.M. Ford & Ruth Lansing ENG 1 8vo V. Bibliographies and Catalogues TAMU
1931 New York Albert & Charles Boni Cervantes T. R. Ybarra ENG 1 8vo a. Biography TAMU
Illustrations: Includes illustrations reproducing portraits, objects and documents related to Cervantes' life.
Description: A biography of Cervantes.
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