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1955 Kyev Molod Don Quixote V. Kozachenko, Y. Krotevych and M. Lukash UKR 1 4to b. Editions TAMU
Illustrations: With illustrations by G. Doré.
Description: Acquired with the support of the Lynn Holleran and Chuck Bowman Cervantes Endowment.
1955 Milano Fratelli Fabbri Editori Don Chisciotte ITA 1 8vo d. Children's Editions TAMU
Illustrations: Contais four color full page illustrations by Sandro Nardini. Pictorial cover.
Description: Number 24 in the collection "I capolavori" for young readers.
1955 Moscow Goslitizdat Khitroumnyi Idalgo Don Kikhot Lamanchskii N. Liubimov RUS 2 8vo b. Editions LC741 TAMU
Description: Notes by V. Uzin
1955 Paris Delagrave Don Quichotte de la Manche FRE 1 4to d. Children's Editions TAMU
Illustrations: Contains 65 illustrations in two colors designed by Louis Bailly: 1 pictorial front cover, 1 illustrated title page, 14 headpieces, 30 vignettes, and 19 full page chapter illustrations.
Description: Children's adaptation.
1955 Tallinn Eesti Rjiklik Kirjastus Teravmeelme hidalgo Don Quijote la Manchast A. Kurfeldt EST 2 8vo b. Editions TAMU
Illustrations: Illustrated with Doré´s engravings. Frontis portrait of Cervantes reproducing that of Folkema.
1955 Warsaw Panstwowy Instytut Wydawniczy Przemyślny szlachcic Don Kichote z Manczy, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. Anna Ludwika Czerny and Zygmunt Czerny POL 1 8vo b. Editions TAMU
Illustrations: Contains 12 illustrations by Antonio Carnicero from RAE's Madrid: Ibarra, 1780 edition.
1955 ´T Groeit/Antwerpen H. Nelissen / Bilthoven De Avonturen van Don Quichote N. van Haamstede and C. U. Schuller tot Peursum DUT 1 8vo b. Editions TAMU
Illustrations: 18 chapter illustrations, 6 vignettes, 2 headpieces, illustrated title page, and illustrated dust jacket by Albert Hahn Jr. Same illustrations first published in Zeist: De Torentrans, 1930.
1956 Barcelona Editorial Noguer, S.A. Cervantes Sebastián Juan Arbó SPA 1 8vo a. Biography EU
Illustrations: Contains eleven illustrations, including portraits of Don Juan de Austria and Cervantes.
Description: Third edition, revised and definitive.
1956 London; Toronto; Wellington; Sydney George G. Harrap & Co. LTD The Children's Don Quixote F. H. Lee ENG 1 8vo small d. Children's Editions TAMU
Illustrations: Includes a frontispiece in color (offset), a b/w title page vignette, and 33 b/w vignettes designed by Honor C. Appleton.
Description: First published September 1937; reprinted in June 1939, March 1941, September 1941, March 1950, January 1952, April 1954, and July 1956.
1956 Madrid Diputación Provincial de Madrid Catálogo de la exposición antológica de ediciones ilustradas del ´Quijote´ SPA 1 8vo V. Bibliographies and Catalogues TAMU
Illustrations: Includes 12 illustrations. 74 items covering individual plate illustrations and 29 title pages.
Description: Catalog of exhibit organized in Alcala de Henares in connection with the restauration of Cervantes' house, in collaboration with the Dirección General de Archivos y Bibliotecas and the Biblioteca Nacional, October 6-15, 1956.
1957 Barcelona J. Porter Las hermanas de Cervantes Luis de Armiñán SPA 1 8vo a. Biography TAMU
Illustrations: Illustrated by Teodoro Miciano.
Description: Published by Biblioteca del Palacio de Perelada, with an Introduction by Luis Astrana Marín.
1957 Mexico, D.F. Publicidad Continental Don Quixote and Sancho Federico Sánchez Fogarty SPA 1 8vo b. Editions TAMU
Illustrations: Contains seven chapter illustrations in color by Xavier Gómez Rubio (1 as frontis).
Description: Abridged version of 1605 Part I. First edition (September 28th, 1957), signed by translator.
1957 New York The Macmillan Company The Adventures of Don Quixote Dominick Daly ENG 1 8vo b. Editions TAMU
Illustrations: Contains 39 chapter illustrations, 9 vignettes, a Cervantes' portrait, an illustrated tittle page, decorative end papers, and pictorial dust jacket (front and cover) by Johannes Troyer; all in two colors (reproductions of original chromolithographs).
Description: First edition, abridged text.
1957 New York Julian Messner Don Quixote Erich Kastner Richard and Clara Winston ENG 1 4to d. Children's Editions TAMU
Illustrations: 10 chapter illustrations in color (1 double page) and 17 b/w illustrations (3 chapter illustrations, 3 headpieces, 7 vignettes, and 4 tailpieces) by Horst Lemke. Contains a pictorial jacket.
Description: Published in Arlequin Books. Copyright 1950 by Atrium Verlag A. G. Zurich.
1957-1960 Paris Editions d´Art Les Heures Claires L' Ingénieux Hidalgo Don Quichotte de la Manche FRE 4 4to b. Editions TAMU
Illustrations: The edition contains four illustrated title pages, 14 headpieces, four tailpieces and 70 vignettes in color designed by Henry Lemarié. It is engraved in wood by Raymond Jacquet, Dominique Darr and Jean Taricco (3500 wooden blocks) and printed by Paul Massin and Roger Fontaine between 1957 and 1960.
Description: Published in loose gatherings and boxed. Limited edition; Cushing's copy is number 1767 of 2900. It is printed on vélin de rives.
1957 Paris J. Foret Histoire d'un grand livre. Don Quichotte illustré par Dalí FRE 1 4to f. Albums and Engravings TAMU
Illustrations: Photographs by Robert Descharnes and Paul Almasy.
Description: Texts by Salvador Dalí and Michel Déon.
1958 Barcelona Juventud Don Quijote de la Mancha Martín de Riquer SPA 2 4to b. Editions BN509 EU
Illustrations: Illustrated with 61 plates, 12 of them in color, by J. Narro.
Description: Annotated edition
1958 Garden City, NY Garden City Books Tales of Don Quixote and his Friends Tony Palazzo ENG 1 F d. Children's Editions TAMU
Illustrations: Includes two illustrated title pages, a frontispiece, 48 illustrations (most double page), pictorial front and back covers, and illustrated endpapers, all in color, by Tony Palazzo.
Description: Abridged edition for children.
1958 London Faber & Faber The Incredible Adventures of Don Quixote: a Retelling of the Adventures of Don Quixote of La Mancha Eric Allen ENG 1 8vo d. Children's Editions TAMU
Illustrations: Includes one frontispiece, one illustrated title page, 27 vignettes (1 double page), 2 chapter illustrations (1 double page), and pictorial dust jacket by David Knight.
Description: Abridged edition for children. This is the first edition, with pictorial dust jacket.
1958 Mexico Editorial Jackson El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha SPA 4 8vo b. Editions BN516 EU
Illustrations: With 128 illustrations by G. Doré, Gamba, Leslie, A. Lizcano, E. Oliva, Recio y Gil, de la Roca and R. Wheelwright.
Description: Published in Clasicos Jackson.
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