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1961 Madrid Insula La música en Cervantes y otros ensayos Adolfo Salazar SPA 1 8vo c. Criticism EU
Description: First edition. A collection of ten essays.
1961 Moscow Pravda Sobranie socinenij (Works of Cervantes) N. Liubinov Fedor Viktorovich Kelin RUS 5 8vo I. Complete Works TAMU
Illustrations: Contains (vols. I-II with Don Quixote) a Cervantes's portrait designed and engraved by Dmitry Bisti and 32 chapter illustrations reproducing Gustave Dorè's designs (Paris: Hachette, 1863); (vols. III-V with other Cervantes' works) 38 vignettes designed and engraved by Dmitry Bisti (including an initial with Cervantes' portrait, illustrated title pages, and two-pages headpieces).
Description: Vols. 1-2, Don Quixote, with notes by V. Uzin; vols. 3-4, Exemplary novels, vol. 4 Galatea, Viaje del Parnaso and Plays; vol. 5, Persiles.
1962 Buenos Aires Editorial Sudamericana El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha Salvador de Madariaga SPA 1 8vo b. Editions BN545 EU
Illustrations: Contains illustrations about Don Quijote and Sancho Panza consisting of 107 plate reproductions from various editions.
Description: Prologue and notes by Salvador de Madariaga.
1962 Lausanne Editions Rencontre Don Quichotte de la Manche Louis Viardot FRE 2 8vo small b. Editions TAMU
Description: Published in series "Sommets de la Littérature espagnol"; Tomes V and VI. It includes at end Le Retable des Merveilles.
1962 London Hollis & Carter The Shadow of Cervantes D. B. Wyndham Lewis ENG 1 8vo e. Continuations and Imitations EU
Illustrations: Contains eight illustrations and some photographs.
Description: First edition
1962 Madrid Ediciones Studium El drama psicológico del Quijote Denys Armand Gonthier, A.A. SPA 1 8vo c. Criticism TAMU
Description: Prólogo by Julian Marías. Doctoral thesis, 1957
1962 Oxford Oxford University Press Cervantes's Theory of the Novel E.C. Riley ENG 1 8vo c. Criticism TAMU
Description: This is a seminal study about Cervantes, literary theory and the Creation of 'Don Quijote.'
1963 Columbus Ohio State University Press A Catalogue of The Talfourd P. Linn Collection of Cervantes Materials Compiled by Dorothy Petersen Ackerman; Edited by Paul J. Kann and Rolland E. Stevens ENG 1 8vo V. Bibliographies and Catalogues EU
Illustrations: Frontis with title page of Avellaneda's 1614 spurious Quixote.
Description: It contains descriptions of the 114 items in the collection.
1963 Los Angeles Zamorano CLub Glimpses of Don Quixote and La Mancha Homer D. Crotty ENG 1 8vo b. Geography and History EU
Illustrations: 11 illustrations, including facsimiles.
Description: Printed at the Plantin Press. Narrative of the author´s tour of Spain following the Quixote. Introduction by Walter F. Starkie. Edition limited to 250 copies.
1963 Minneapolis, MN Burgess-Beckwith, Inc. Cervantes: a Bibliography. Books, essays, articles and other studies on the life of Cervantes, his works and his imitators Raymond L. Grismer ENG 1 8vo V. Bibliographies and Catalogues TAMU
Illustrations: none
Description: It includes 225 pages with unnumbered entries in two columns in alphabetical order. Cushing also has a 1969 revised mimeographed list (with 515 entries) together with a letter from Prof. Drake dated October 15, 1969 soliciting contributions from colleagues, with a handwritten note to H. Ziomek.
1964 Barcelona Juventud Obras completas SPA 1 8vo I. Complete Works TAMU
Description: Vol 2 only; Novelas ejemplares, Persiles y Sigismunda, Comedias y entremeses. Published in Colección Clásicos y Modernos.
1964 Madrid Editora Nacional Principales aventuras de Don Quijote E. Herreros SPA 1 8vo d. Children's Editions BN1061 TAMU
Illustrations: Contains 74 color illustrations by Enrique Herreros drawn between 1948 and 1960.
Description: Includes an album of plates. The plates are numbered 1-75, but there are several mistakes in the numeration (two different plates appear with number 33, and the numbers 16 and 18 are missing). In the same year and by the same publisher it appeared a Don Quixote edition with these 74 illustrations and also this album with the illustrations only.
1964 Madrid Escuela Española-Hijos de E. Solana El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha Nicolás González Ruiz SPA 1 8vo d. Children's Editions BN1011 TAMU
Illustrations: Illustrated by Rosado Rivas.
Description: Adaptation for young readers first published in 1947.
1965 Barcelona Mateu Don Quijote de la Mancha Antonio Cunillera and Antonio Moro SPA 2 4to b. Editions BN557 TAMU
Illustrations: Contains color plates and black and white illustrations by Dalí: Volume I has 81 one page plates, 19 double page plates and 25 folded plates; Volume II has 83 one page plates, 31 double page plates and seven folded.
Description: First edition published in "fascículos".
1965 Buenos Aires Editoral Atlántida Don Quijote de la Mancha Clemente Cimorra SPA 1 8vo d. Children's Editions BN1017 TAMU
Illustrations: Color illustrations by Aniano Lisa.
Description: Adapted for young readers.
1965 Grenoble Editions Roissard L'Ingenieux Hidalgo don Quichotte de la Manche L. Viardot FRE 4 4to b. Editions TAMU
Illustrations: Includes four frontispieces, six initials, and 126 (52 + 74) chapter illustrations by Fernand Van Hamme reproduced at Daniel Jacomet's ateliers (Paris).
Description: The edition is limited to 526 copies (105 numbered I-CV including an original drawing by the illustrator) and it is printed in Madagascar Lafuma paper by Pepeteries Navarre. Cushing´s copy num. LXXXI.
1965 Madrid Editorial Codex El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha Dir. Editorial José Aguilar SPA 5 F b. Editions BN563 TAMU
Illustrations: Illustrated in color by various artists: Rafael Amézaga (Part I), Fermín Garbayo (Part II) and selected episodes by Miguel Díaz Orts, Oscar Estruga, Maryan Ribas, Roberto Páez, and Francisco Echauz; additional color photos by José Dominguez and Josip Ciganovic. Includes folder with 6 colored reproductions from the Barcelona: T. Gorchs, 1859 edition.
Description: 5 volumes in 3: Volumes I (1-2) and II (3-4) with the illustrated text of both parts and volume V, entitled "La España de Don Quijote y Sancho," with an Atlas about the places, faces and culture of Cervantes' world. Printed in special "couché" paper. Introduction and notes by Justo García Morales.
1965-C Madrid Ediciones Cultura Hispánica Claves de España: Cervantes y el Quijote Ramón de Garciasol SPA 1 8vo c. Criticism TAMU
Description: Part of Thomas F. Collison and Elizabeth E. Manson Cervantes Collection donated by Malinda Collison Wolter.
1965 Milano Aldo Palazzi Don Chisciotte della Mancia Vittorio Bodini ITA 1 F b. Editions TAMU
Illustrations: Contains a portrait of Cervantes and self-portrait by Dalí. Includes a total of 143 illustrations in color and b/w by Dalí, from the 1946 Quixote edition, 13 from the Paris 1957 (Joseph Foret) edition, and others dated up to 1964.
Description: Published in 27 weekly installments in the Italian magazine Tempo, from September 16, 1964 to April 14, 1965.
1965 New York The Hispanic Society of America Printed Books 1468-1700 in The Hispanic Society of America Clara Louisa Penney ENG 1 4to V. Bibliographies and Catalogues EU
Illustrations: Frontispiece photo of Archer Milton Huntington's painting by José María López Mezquita (1930), and 11 other notable collectors.
Description: The 80 editions of Cervantes´works are in pp. 125-28.
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