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1738 Lyon Chez Rigollet Histoire de l’admirable Don Quichotte de la Manche Filleau de Saint Martin FRE 6 12mo b. Editions P52730; RR311; A410-19 Supl. TAMU
Illustrations: The complete edition with six frontispieces and 52 illustrations engraved by Prudent Bizot (only six are signed). There are 32 illustrations that refer to Cervantes' Quixote and are copied after Savery's plates (Dordrecht: Savery, 1657 and Brussels: Mommarte, 1662) and Bouttats' plates (Amberes: Verdussen, 1672-73). Twenty refer to Saint Martin's Continuation. The edition is reprinted after Lyon: Th. Amaulry, 1711 (and 1713 for vol. VI), which is also in Lyon: Th. Amaulry, 1718. Cushing's copy has four frontis and 20 illustrations (wanting 3 illus. in vol. I, five illus. in vol. II, four illus. in vol. III, one frontis and eight illus. in vol. IV, five illus. in vol. V and one frontis and seven illus. in vol. VI). Ashbee refers to wood-cuts, but they are copper engravings. "These engravings, if quaint, are spirited, fairly well drawn, and firmly engraved" (Ashbee 410). "Las láminas, tomadas de ediciones que ya hemos descrito, están grabadas de nuevo por Bizot, y son realmente malas" (Río y Rico).
Description: A reprint of the Lyon, 1711 edition. Volumes IV and VI lack frontis, and volumes II and IV lack plates.
1738 Paris Compagnie des Libraires Nouvelles avantures de l'admirable Don Quichotte de la Manche Alonso Fernández de Avellaneda Alain René Le Sage FRE 2 12mo large e. Continuations and Imitations R473 TAMU
Illustrations: Contains two frontispieces, "Cavallero Desamorado" and "Cavallero de los amores", and 14 other illustrations by A. Clouzier.
Description: French translation of Avellaneda's false second part, first published in 1614, and translated into French in 1704 by Le Sage.
1738 Venezia Per Girolamo Savioni Stampatore Dell'ingegnoso Cittadino Don Chisciotte della Mancia Lorenzo Franciosini Fiorentino ITA 2 8vo b. Editions P53136; S823 TAMU
Description: Fourth edition in Italian, corrected, after second edition Venice, 1625.
1739 En Haya A costa de J. Néaulme Novelas exemplares P. Pineda SPA 2 8vo a. Editions P53421 TAMU
Illustrations: Includes 2 portraits of Cervantes (one for each vol. as frontis) and 13 chapter illustrations (one for each novel + El curioso impertinente) designed and engraved by Jacob Folkema.
Description: First edition thus, and first illustrated edition in Spanish, with a Dedication to Doña María Fane, Condesa de Westmorland by Pedro Pineda, dated in London, 1736.
1741 Paris Chez Clousier, et al Histoire de l'admirable don Quichote de la Manche Filleau de Saint-Martin FRE 6 12mo large b. Editions R490; S551; P52730; A33 TAMU
Illustrations: Includes a frontispiece designed by Humblot and engraved by Laurent Cars and 39 illustrations designed by Bonard or Bonnard (only 23 are signed, and 19 are copied after Charles-Antoine Coypel) and engraved by Laurent Cars (23), Crépy le fils (4) and Mathey (4) (eight are unsigned). Contains 31 illustrations in vols. I - IV about Cervantes' Don Quixote. There are five in vol. V about Saint-Martin's Continuation, and three in vol. VI about Robert Challe's Continuation. It has the same plates first engraved for Paris: Compagnie des Libraires, 1732; also in Paris: Guillaume Claude Saugrain, 1733; Paris: Pierre-Michel Huart, 1733; Paris: Michel Etienne David, 1733; and Paris: Denully, 1741. Some have been poorly re-engraved.
Description: The text follows Paris: Compagnies des Libraires, 1722 and 1732 editions. The last two volumes have the Continuation by Saint-Martin and Challe. Uniformly bound, and also at the Cushing, with: 1) Avellaneda's second part, Paris: Compagnie des Libraries, 1738, two volumes, and 2) Suite nouvelle...Cid Hamet Benengely, and Histoire de Sancho Pansa Alcade de Blandanda, Paris: Clousier, 1741, six vols.
1741 Paris Chez Clousier Suite nouvelle et véritable de l'Histoire et des Avantures de l'incomparable don Quichotte de la Manche; Histoire de Sancho Pansa Alcade de Blandanda Anon. FRE 6 12mo e. Continuations and Imitations A332; R478; S548; P52732 TAMU
Illustrations: Illustrated with a frontispiece in volume I and 33 engravings by Antoine.
Description: This is a reprint of the first edition, Paris 1714. Text "traduite d'un Manuscrit espagnol de Cid Hamet Benengely, son véritable Historien." Volume VI is entitled, Histoire de Sancho Pansa Alcade de Blandanda. It includes two musical scores folded in: 'Pastoralle de Don Quichotte' and 'Pastoralle des noces de la fille de Sancho Pansa'.
1742 Dublin Printed by and for Oli. Nelson Persiles and Sigismunda ENG 1 12mo b. Editions P53936 TAMU
Description: Same as 1741 edition, translated from the French version of Madame Richebourg (1738). Cushing has vol. 2.
1742 London J. and R. Tonson & R. Dodsley The Life and Exploits of the Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote de la Mancha Charles Jarvis ENG 2 4to large b. Editions A410; S350; G275; RR449; P52479 TAMU
Illustrations: Contains an allegorical frontispiece and 67 chapter illustrations designed by John Vanderbank (frontis + 66) and William Hogarth (1) and engraved by Gerard van der Gucht (frontis + 61), Bernard Baron (1), George Vertue (1) and Claude du Bosc (4). It also has a portrait of Cervantes designed by G. Kent and engraved by George Vertue. Same plates as in London: Tonson, 1738 Spanish edition (in 1738 there was also a tailpiece designed by John Vanderbank and engraved by P.F., but not re-used now). An allegorical frontis is placed in vol. II in Cushing´s copy. Ashbee only refers to 26 copper plates.
Description: First edition, and second issue. Deluxe edition, with Life of Cervantes by Mayans, translated by J. Ozell.
1742 London Printed by H. Kent, for William Sandby, Bookseller, at the Ship without Temple-bar Two Humorous Novels, viz. I. A Diverting Dialogue between Scipio and Bergansa . . . . II. The Comical History of Rinconete and Cortadillo Robert Goadby ENG 1 12mo a. Editions RR782; P53561 TAMU
Description: Second edition. First edition published in 1741.
1742 London Printed for A. Millar The History of the Adventures of Joseph Andrews, and his Friend Mr. Abraham Adams Henry Fielding ENG 2 12mo e. Continuations and Imitations R484 TAMU
Description: First edition, first printing. "Written in Imitation of the Manner of Cervantes, Author of Don Quixote."
1742 London Printed for Jay Nourse Instructive and Entertaining Novels; Designed to promote Virtue, Good Sense, and Universal Benevolence T. Shelton ENG 1 8vo a. Editions P53560 TAMU
Illustrations: Portrait of Cervantes by Hulett wanting.
Description: Separate title pages for A Story of two Damsels, The Jealous Husband and The Lady Cornelia. Texts same as in 1640 first edition, thus containing 6 novels, the 3 mentioned and The Force of Blood, The Spanish Lady and The Liberal Lover.
1743 Amberes A costa de Bousquet y Compañía Novelas Exemplares SPA 2 8vo a. Editions P53422 TAMU
Illustrations: Illustrated with 13 plates designed by Jacob Folkema and engraved by François-Antoine Aveline and Daudet; also with a portrait of Cervantes by Kent and engraved by (Clair?) Jacquemin. There are only four of six illustrations present in volume II.
Description: Cushing has volume II only. Same edition as La Haya, 1739. It includes: Curioso impertinente, La ilustre fregona, Las dos doncellas, La señora Cornelia, Casamiento engañoso and Coloquio de los perros.
1744 En Haia P. Gosse y A. Moetjens Vida y hechos del ingenioso hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha SPA 4 8vo small b. Editions A42; S44; G249; RR63; P52012; BN40 TAMU
Illustrations: Edition contains 24 illustrations copied after Charles-Antoine Coypel's designs (Paris: Surugue, 1723 and later years) and engraved by Jacob Folkema (12), Simon Fokke (8) and Pieter Tanjé (4). In Cushing's copy, volume I lacks three illustrations: "DQ's first sally", "DQ knighted" and "Mambrino's helmet". The same illustrations were later included in Amsterdam and Leipzig: Arkstée and Merkus, 1755; and in Dublin: Daniel Graisberry, 1783.
Description: First edition in Spanish to include Charles-Antoine Coypel´s engraved designs. "Con muy bellas Estampas, gravadas sobre los dibujos de Coypel, primer pintor de el Rey de Francia" (in title page).
1745 London Printed for Paul Vaillant The History of the Life and Adventures of the Famous Knight Don Quixote de la Mancha, and his humorous squire Sancho Panza Alonso Fernández de Avellaneda William Jay Baker ENG 2 12mo e. Continuations and Imitations TAMU
Illustrations: Five illustrations by Parr.
Description: First edition thus. Preface by Mr. Baker. Cushing has vol. 2 only.
1746 A La Haie Chés Pierre de Hondt Les principales Avantures de l’admirable Don Quichotte, représentées en figures par Coypel, Picart le Romain, et autres habiles maîtres: avec les explications des XXXI planches de cette magnifique collection, tirées de l’original espagnol de Miguel de Cervantes. FRE 1 4to large b. Editions A43; S554; G254; RR236-237 TAMU
Illustrations: It contains a complete suite of 31 illustrations: 25 designed by Charles-Antoine Coypel, and the other six by François Boucher (1), Charles-Nicolas Cochin Fils (2), Jacques-Philippe Le Bas (1) and Pierre-Charles Trémolières (2). Newly engraved by Bernard Picart (12), Jacob van der Schley (13), Pierre Tanjé (5) and Simon Fokke (1). There are 30 illustrations about Cervantes' Don Quixote and one about Saint-Martin's Continuation. It also includes a small vignette in the title page and an allegorical headpiece in the Dedicatory, as well as decorated initials, ornamental tailpieces and decorated rules. The same set of illustrations also appeared in Liege: Chez J. F. Bassompierre, 1776 and Bruxelles: Chez B. L. Francq, 1795.
Description: Abbreviated text, with beautiful types and printed on excellent paper; considered the best French edition at the time. The same year, Pierre de Hondt also published this edition in Dutch. Plates without Roman numbers are supposed to be the first impressions.
1746 Hage Pieter de Hondt De Voornaamste Gevallen van den Wonderlyken Don Quichot, door den Beroemden Picart den Romein.... DUT 1 F b. Editions R806; S861; P53224; A43 TAMU
Illustrations: Same suite of 31 illustrations as in the French printing of same year; 25 designed by Charles-Antoine Coypel, and the other 6 by François Boucher (1), Charles-Nicolas Cochin Fils (2), Jacques-Philippe Le Bas (1) and Pierre-Charles Trémolières (2). Newly engraved by Bernard Picart (12), Jacob van der Schley (13), Pierre Tanjé (5) and Simon Fokke (1). 30 illus. about Cervantes' Don Quixote and 1 about Saint-Martin's Continuation, as well as decorated initials, ornamental tailpieces and decorated rules. Title page in facsimile in Cushing's copy. It does not include the allegorical headpiece in the Dedicatory of the French printing. The plates have Roman numbers (not in Cushing's copy of the French printing) and some captions re-engraved.
Description: Dutch printing of P. Hondt´s 1746 abridged adaptation in French, with text in verse explaining each plate, and the "Life of Cervantes," compiled by Jacob Campo Weyermann.
1747 Dublin Printed for Peter Wilson The Life and Exploits of the Ingenious Gentleman don Quixote de la Mancha Charles Jarvis ENG 4 12mo b. Editions S352; RR450; P52482 TAMU
Illustrations: 16 chapter illustrations newly-engraved and turned by Philip Simms (6) and Thomas Chambars (10) after John Vanderbank's designs (London: Tonson, 1738).
Description: Rare Dublin edition; Cushing's copy is bound by Paul Belard. It includes the Life of Cervantes by Mayans.
1749 London Printed for W. Innys, et al. The History of the Renowned Don Quixote de la Mancha Translated by several hands and published by the late Mr. Motteux J. Ozell ENG 4 12mo b. Editions A46; S355; G258; RR452; P52480 TAMU
Illustrations: Contains a frontispiece and 31 chapter illustrations newly engraved by unknown engraver after the designs by John Vanderbank (frontis) for London: Tonson, 1738, and Charles-Antoine Coypel (25), François Boucher (1), Charles-Nicolas Cochin Fils (2), Jacques-Philippe Le Bas (1) and Pierre-Charles Trémolières (2) for La Haye: Hondt, 1746. Cushing's copy contains only the frontis and nine illus. (vols. I and II). "The engraving is bad and very irregular, some of the plates seem even to be unfinished; altogether a worthless set" (Ashbee).
Description: It is the eighth edition of 1700 Motteux's translation, as revised by J. Ozell, with some notes. Cushing has volumes I and II, Quixote Part I.
1749 London J. and R. Tonson and S. Draper, and R. Dodsley The Life and Exploits of the ingenious gentleman Don Quixote de la Mancha Charles Jarvis ENG 2 8vo large b. Editions A45; S354; G257; RR451; P52483 TAMU
Illustrations: Has an allegorical frontispiece and 23 chapter illustrations designed by John Vanderbank and engraved by Gerard van der Gucht; same illustrations now newly engraved in reduced size, some turned, after London: Tonson, 1738 (one portrait + one frontis + 67 illus. + one tailpiece). "The engraving is quite up to the average of Vander Gucht's work" (Ashbee). This edition also includes ornamental headpieces, tailpieces and initials. Same plates will be used for London: Tonson, 1766.
Description: Second edition, in smaller size, after Tonson's first edition in 4to, London 1742. Bound in full modern brown leather.
1750-1751 Madrid Pedro Alonso y Padilla Vida, y hechos del ingenioso cavallero Don Qvixote de la Mancha SPA 2 4to b. Editions R41-42; S46-47; P52014-15; RR65, 66; A47 TAMU
Illustrations: Includes two title pages/frontispieces after Savery's frontis (Dordrecht: Savery, 1657) and 43 vignettes (not 44 as it is said in the title page). All are unsigned. 32 are copies after Diego de Obregón's illustrations for Madrid: A. García de la Iglesia, 1674, and four of them appear twice in different chapters. There are seven illustrations not after Obregón: "DQ knighted", "Andrés' lashes", "Scrutiny of DQ's library", "Mambrino's helmet", "DQ arrested", "Adventure of cats" and "DQ with the priest and bachelor". They follow the tradition of Savery (Dordrecht: Savery, 1657 and later editions) and Bouttats (Amberes: Verdussen, 1672-73). Copied after Madrid: Francisco Laso, 1714, Madrid: Pimentel, 1730 and Madrid: Antonio Sanz, 1735.
Description: Part I (1750), Part II (1751). Text follows Madrid: Juan de San Martin, 1741, but the illustrations are from Madrid: Pimentel, 1730. Eliminates Preliminaries and adds a spurious Dedication by Cide Hamete Benengeli in Part I.
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