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1768 Amsterdam et Leipzig Chez Arkstée & Merkus Nouvelles de Michel de Cervantes Saavedra FRE 2 8vo small a. Editions P53535 TAMU
Illustrations: Includes a portrait of Cervantes by Kent engraved by Jacob Folkema (missing in this copy), and 12 chapter illustrations, one per novel, designed and engraved by Jacob Folkema. Engraved emblem on title page vol I: "Siri constants pluribus intenta".
Description: Part of Oeuvres diverses de Miguel de Cervantes, published by the same editors together with the six volumes of the Quixote, also at the Cushing.
1768 Amsterdam et Leipzig Chez Arkstée & Merkus Histoire de l’admirable Don Quichotte de la Manche Filleau de Saint Martin FRE 6 8vo small b. Editions A58; S561; P52746; RR326 TAMU
Illustrations: The portrait of Cervantes is after Kent's (London: Tonson, 1738), engraved by Jacob Folkema. It has six allegorical title-page vignettes (two are used twice, one is signed by the engraver Jan Punt), and 31 illustrations designed by Charles-Antoine Coypel (25), François Boucher (1), Charles-Nicolas Cochin Fils (2), Jacques-Philippe Le Bas (1) and Pierre-Charles Trémolières (2) newly engraved by Jacob Folkema (12), Simon Fokke (8) and Pieter Tanjé (4) (seven are by unknown engraver). Vol. I lacks an engraved title page "surrounded by a fancy frame with emblems, at top, and is numbered, underneath, I" (Ashbee). Designs were first engraved for Paris: Surugue, since 1723, Paris: Dupuis, w/d and Paris: Ravenet, w/d. Río y Rico mentions 27 illus., but they are 31 (30 illus. about Cervantes' Don Quixote and one about Saint-Martin's Continuation). The 24 plates with Coypel's designs engraved for La Haye: P. Gosse & A. Moetjens, 1744 (with references in Spanish and signed) have been re-used here.
Description: This is part of Oeuvres diverses de Michel de Cervantes, published together with two volumes of Nouvelles, which is also at the Cushing. Excellent printing in vergé paper. It is considered one of best 18th century French editions. It includes Saint-Martin's and Challe's Continuation.
1768 Barcelona Juan Nadal Historia de los trabajos de Persiles y Sigismunda SPA 1 8vo a. Editions P53908 TAMU
1768 London Printed for W. Griffin, at Garrick's Head The Padlock: A Comic Opera: As it is perform'd by his Majesty's Servants, at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane ENG 1 12mo b. Adaptations TAMU
Description: This is the third edition. Adaptation of Cervantes' El celoso extremeño. "The origin of this petty drama" may be found "among the twelve exemplary novels written by the celebrated author of Don Quixote, under the title of the jealous husband" (Preface). The British Museum Catalog attributes authorship to Isaac Bickerstaff.
1769 London E. Carpenter The Life and Exploits of the Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote de la Mancha Peter Motteux George Kelly ENG 4 12mo b. Editions A59; S363; P52492; RR459 Library of Congress
Illustrations: 14 chapter illustrations newly engraved by unknown engraver after designs by Francis Hayman (12; London: Millar, 1755), Pierre-Charles Trémolières (1; La Haye: Hondt, 1746) and Charles-Antoine Coypel (1; La Haye: Hondt, 1746). Ashbee and Río y Rico refer to 16 illustrations. "A made-up series, of no artistic value" (Ashbee).
Description: Digital images from copy at the Library of Congress.
1769 London J. Dodsley The Works of Laurence Sterne: The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman; Sermons; Mr. Yorick. Laurence Sterne ENG 10 12mo e. Continuations and Imitations R492 TAMU
Illustrations: Portrait of Sterne as frontis to volume I.
Description: This is the third edition. Contains ten volumes in three tomes. Volume I first published in 1760, and then in multiple volume editions between 1760-1767. Sterne follows Cervantes' example in the use of metafiction and narrative self-consciousness in the early development of the modern novel.
1769 Paris Chez David, l'aîné Histoire de l'admirable Don Quichotte de la Manche Filleau de Saint Martin FRE 6 12mo b. Editions S564; P52749 TAMU
Illustrations: Volumes I-IV have 24 chapter illustrations by unknown engraver after Charles-Antoine Coypel's designs (Paris: Surugue, since 1723) about Cervantes' Don Quixote. They were probably copied after Johann Michael Eben's engravings (Francfort: Bassompierre, 1757). Volumes V-VI have seven chapter illustrations about Filleau de Saint Martin's and Challe's Continuation.
Description: Ex libris Chateau de La Fortelle. The last two volumes have the Continuation.
1769, 1797 Valencia Salvador Faulí Novelas exemplares SPA 2 8vo a. Editions P53423 TAMU
Illustrations: Illustrated with a portrait of Cervantes and 12 chapter illustrations newly-engraved by Tomás Planes after Jacob Folkema (La Haya: A costa de J. Néaulme, 1739). Vol. 1 is a 1797 reprint; vol. 2 is 1769 first ed.
Description: Text is after Amberes 1743 edition. Volume I is dated 1797, from a reprint by Faulí, and volume II is from 1769 first edition by Faulí.
1771 Berlin Akademie des Wissenschaften A set of Quixote illustrations GER 1 8vo f. Albums and Engravings A62 Biblioteca Nacional
Illustrations: A set of 12 plates designed by Daniel-Nicolas Chodowiecki and engraved by J. F. Schuster with German captions. Same ilustrations first appeared in the Almanac Généalogique pour l´an 1771 (designed and engraved by Chodowiecki with French captions; Berlin), and in the German edition of the same year Genealogischer Kalendar (engraved by Daniel Berger with German captions). 9 illustrations are about Cervantes' Don Quixote and 3 about Filleau de Saint-Martin/Challe's Continuation.
Description: Digital images from Biblioteca Nacional, Madrid.
1771 Glasgow Printed by Robert & Andrew Foulis The History of the Renowned Don Quixote de la Mancha P. Motteux J. Ozell ENG 4 12mo b. Editions A65; S365; P52495; RR461 TAMU
Illustrations: Edition contains four chapter illustrations placed as frontis newly engraved by A. Ready after Francis Hayman's designs for London: A. Millar, 1755. Only the plate in volume four is signed.
Description: Contemporary full calf bindings.
1771 Madrid Por D. Joachín de Ibarra, Impresor de Cámara de S.M. Vida, y hechos del ingenioso caballero Don Quixote de la Mancha SPA 4 8vo b. Editions A64; S56; P52022; RR76; BN53 TAMU
Illustrations: Has two frontispieces designed by José Camarón Bonanat and engraved by Manuel Monfort y Asensi and 31 chapter illustrations engraved by Manuel Monfort. Río y Rico attributes their design to José Camarón too, but they are unsigned. "More curious than beautiful" (A64). "Ilustrado con varias láminas finas" (title page). These same illustrations appear in Madrid: Sancha, 1777.
Description: Vida de Cervantes, by G. Mayans in volume II. It is a beautiful edition printed by Ibarra, a costa de la Real Compañía de Impresores, y Libreros del Reyno.
1771 Paris Compagnie des Libraires Histoire de l'admirable Don Quichotte de la Manche Filleau de Saint-Martin FRE 6 12mo b. Editions P52750 TAMU
Description: Cushing has one copy complete and volumes IV and VI of copy 2.
1773 La Haye Se vend Chez Bassompierre, Pére (Liege) & Van den Berghen (Bruxelles) Histoire de l’admirable Don Quichotte de la Manche Filleau de Saint Martin FRE 4 12mo b. Editions A66; S566; P52751; G333; RR329 TAMU
Illustrations: Contains 24 chapter illustrations newly-engraved by unknown artist after Charles-Antoine Coypel's designs (Paris: Surugue, s1723).
Description: Cushing lacks vol. I (four illus.). This is a reprint of the La Haye, 1768 edition (but with newly-engraved plates). In copies with six volumes, volumes V and VI include eight illustratios about Saint-Martin and Challe's Continuation.
1774 London Printed for J. Dodsley The Spiritual Quixote: or, the Summer’s Ramble of Mr. Geoffry Wildgoose. A Comic Romance. Richard Graves ENG 3 8vo e. Continuations and Imitations R498 TAMU
Illustrations: Contains three frontispieces and illustrated title page in volume 1 by S. Wale engraved by C. Grignion.
Description: Second edition; first published in 1773. Cushing has 2 copies: copy 1 complete in 3 vols., copy 2 lacking vol. 3.
1774 London J. Cooke The History of the Renowned Don Quixote de la Mancha. Being an Accurate, Complete, and Most Entertaining Narrative. . . Charles Henry Wilmot ENG 2 4to b. Editions A68; S367; G336; RR462; P52496; GG148 TAMU
Illustrations: Contains twenty plates (one frontis + 19 chapter illustrations) by Samuel Wale engraved by Rennoldson (frontis + 14) and Thomas Ryder I (5). "All in fancy frames of various designs" (A68). Considered by Givanel as the first Romantic illustrated edition (GG148).
Description: "Including, minutely, every curious incident attending his faithful Squire and servant, Sancho Panza. Interspersed with ludicrous dialogues, rhapsodies, madrigals, and serenades. The whole replete with infinite humour and drollery." A new translation not very faithful to text.
1774 Paris; La Haye Chez Bleuet, Libraire Les principales aventures de l’admirable Don Quichotte, Représentées en figures par Coypel, Picart le Romain, & autres habiles Maîtres. . . FRE 2 8vo b. Editions A67; S567; RR330; P52752; G337 TAMU
Illustrations: 31 illustrations with designs by Charles Antoine Coypel (25), François Boucher (1), Pierre-Charles Trémolières (2), Jacques-Philippe Le Bas (1) and Charles-Nicolas Cochin "filius" (2) newly engraved in reduced size by R. Brunet after La Haye: P. de Hondt, 1746 edition. 30 illustrations about Cervantes' Don Quixote and 1 about Saint-Martin's Continuation. "Es recomendable este libro por su excelente impresión, y por el grabado de las láminas, que está bien hecho" (Río y Rico).
Description: Printed in La Haye. It does not include the text of the Quixote but detailed explanations of the plates themselves.
1775 Weimar & Leipzig Fritschischen Buchhandlung Leben und Thaten des weisen Junkers Don Quixote von Mancha F. Bertuch GER 6 12mo b. Editions R738; S750; P53037; A69 TAMU
Illustrations: Contains five illustrations designed and engraved by Daniel-Nicolas Chodowiecki, six headpieces designed and engraved by Georg Melchior Kraus and a portrait of Cervantes engraved by G. after William Kent's design (London: Tonson, 1738). Illustrations in volumes I-VI are about Cervantes' Don Quixote. The illustrations in volumes V-VI are about Avellaneda's. It has the same five illustrations newly-engraved by Berger in Leipzig: Caspar Fritsch, 1780.
Description: Biographical essay by the translator. Deletes the interpolated stories (Grisóstomo, Cardenio, Cautivo), the Dedicatorias, verses, and the Prologue to part two. Volumes V and VI contain Avellaneda´s Quixote. Volumes I and II are dated 1775; volumes III-VI are dated 1777.
1776-1778 Carlsruhe Schmiederischen Buchhandlung Leben und Thaten des weisen Junkers Don Quixote von Mancha. F. Bertuch GER 6 8vo small b. Editions A69; R739; A84; S751; G341; RR581; P53037 TAMU
Illustrations: Contains a portrait of Cervantes and five illustrations newly engraved by Georg-Joseph Coentgen after Daniel-Nicolas Chodowiecki's designs for Weimar/Leipzig: Fritschischen Buchhandlung, 1775. Three illustrations about Cervantes' Don Quixote and two about Avellaneda's Continuation.
Description: Volumes V-VI are with Avellaneda's Quijote; Exact copy of 1775 edition eliminating several episodes and novels, Dedications, poetry and the Prologue to Part II.
1776-1777 Copenhaguen Gyldendals Forlag Den Sindrige herremands Don Quixote af Mancha levnet og bedrifter. Forfattet af Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra Charlotta Dorothea Biehl DAN 2 8vo b. Editions A410; S900; G342; P53268; RR626 TAMU
Illustrations: Contains a portrait of Cervantes engraved by Johan Meno Haas (after W. Kent), and 29 chapter illustrations engraved by Johan-Jakob-Georg Haas (8) and Johann Georg Preisler (5), and 16 others unsigned, after designs by Charles-Antoine Coypel (25), Pierre-Charles Trémolières (1), Jacques Philippe Le Bas (1), Charles-Nicolas Cochin fils (1) and François Boucher (1) (copied after La Haye: Hondt, 1746), plus many tailpieces (woodcuts). Ashbee does not mention the portrait.
Description: This is the first Danish edition, translated from the Spanish edition printed in Amsterdam and Leipzig, 1755. Contains four tomes in two vols.
1776 Liege Chez J. F. Bassompierre Les principales Aventures de l'admirable Don Quichotte, représentées en figures par Coypel, Picart le Romain, et autres habiles Maîtres... FRE 1 4to large b. Editions S568; P52753; A43; RR331 TAMU
Illustrations: Contains 31 illustrations. 25 of them are designed by Charles-Antoine Coypel, and the other six by François Boucher (1), Charles-Nicolas Cochin Fils (2), Jacques-Philippe Le Bas (1) and Pierre-Charles Trémolières (2). It was first engraved by Bernard Picart (12), Jacob van der Schley (13), Pierre Tanjé (5) and Simon Fokke (1) for La Haye: Pierre de Hondt, 1746. There are 30 illus. about Cervantes' Don Quixote and one about Saint-Martin's Continuation. It also includes a small vignette in the title page (same in 1746 edition) and an allegorical headpiece in the Dedicatory (newly-engraved), as well as decorated initials, ornamental tailpieces and decorated rules. The same set of illustrations is also in Bruxelles: Chez B. L. Francq, 1795.
Description: Title page is in black and red and the plates have explanatory texts. Ex-libris Armand Huon.
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