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1585-1617 (1976-1990) Madrid Juan de Gracián; Juan de la Cuesta Obras completas SPA 5 4to I. Complete Works P51914 TAMU
Description: Facsimile of first editions; reprint, Madrid: Real Academia Española, using restored plates from first edition in 7 vols. published by RAE in 1917-1923, rpt. 1976-1990. Cushing has vols. 1-4 and 6.
1807-1808 Paris Imprimerie des Sciences et des arts Oeuvres choisies de Cervantès: Don Quichotte H. Bouchon Dubournail FRE 8 12mo I. Complete Works A107; S587; G501; RR342; LC33 TAMU
Illustrations: It includes one portrait of Cervantes designed by Charles Dusaulchoy engraved by Jean Pierre Simon and 15 chapter illustrations designed by Charles Dusaulchoy and engraved by Claude-Marie-François Dien (8), Jean Pierre Simon (3), Benoist (1), Jacques Marchand (1) and Marÿe (1); one is unsigned by any engraver.
Description: An arbitrary translation eliminating many parts of the novel, sometimes substituted with new text by the translator.
1821 Paris Chez Méquignon-Marvis Oeuvres complètes; Le Don Quichotte H. Bouchon Dubournial FRE 4 8vo I. Complete Works A138; S596; RR348; LC34 TAMU
Illustrations: Edition contains 12 chapter illustrations designed by Eugène Louis Lami (8) and Emile Jean Horace Vernet (4) and engraved by Etienne Frédéric Lignon (7), Jean Louis Toussaint Caron (2), Prevost (1), Leroux (1) and Augustin Burdet (1) and one map engraved by Ambroise Tardieu after the observations of Jean-Baptiste Bory de Saint-Vincent. Cushing's copy only contains the map. The same text was re-printed for Paris: Mequignon, 1822.
Description: Part of Oeuvres complètes, vols. 6-9; beautiful edition identical to the second ed. printed in 1822, also at the Cushing.
1825-1829 Zwickau Gebrüder Schumann Werke von Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra H. Müller GER 8 24mo I. Complete Works A410; S762; P53946; RR589 TAMU
Illustrations: Contains a portrait of Cervantes and 14 chapter illustrations (placed as frontispieces) engraved by Johann Friedrich Rosmäsler or Rossmässler. Seven illustrations (vols. II-VIII) about Don Quixote copied after Charles-Antoine Coypel (Paris: Surugue, 1723 and later). Four illus. (vols. IX-XII) about Novelas Ejemplares (La Gitanilla, Rinconete y Cortadillo, La Ilustre Fregona and La Señora Cornelia). Three illus. (vols. XIII-XV) about Persiles y Sigismunda. Vol. XVI with no illus. The illustrations are dated in 1825, 1826 and 1827.
Description: First edition of Complete Works of Cervantes, including besides the Quixote, the Novelas, Persiles y Sigismunda, Galatea, Plays and Numancia, and a "Life of Cervantes" in vol. XVI. 16 tomes in 8 vols. Vols. I-VIII dated in 1825; vols. IX-X in 1826; vols. XI-XV in 1827; and vol. XVI in 1829.
1826 Paris En la librería hispano-francesa de Bossange padre Obras escogidas de Miguel de Cervantes Agustín García de Arrieta SPA 10 16mo I. Complete Works A116; S84; P51905; LC10 TAMU
Illustrations: Edition contains a portrait of Cervantes by an unknown engraver, after José del Castillo's design (Madrid: Ibarra, 1780), one map (lithographed after Paris/London: Bossange y Masson, 1814) and facsimile of a letter signed by Cervantes (same as in vol. 5, Madrid: Imprenta Real, 1819).
Description: First edition of selected works by Cervantes, "nueva edición clásica." Printed by Fermin Didot (I-VI) and Rignoux (VII-X). Vol. I contains the Life of Cervantes by Martín de Navarrete; vols. II-VI Don Quixote, and vols. VII-X the Novelas and plays. The notes are from the Madrid, 1819 RAE edition, and also by other editors. Ex libris Robert Frederick Green.
1829 Madrid Imprenta de los Hijos de doña Catalina Piñuela Obras escogidas SPA 11 8vo small I. Complete Works TAMU
Illustrations: Each volumen includes a frontispiece, an illustrated title page with two vignettes, and several plates by J.A. and J.C. based on Madrid: Ibarra, 1780 and Madrid: Ibarra, 1782, among others.
Description: Vols. 1-4 (in box n. 1): Don Quixote; vols. 5-8 (in box n. 2): Novelas ejemplares (5-6) and Persiles (7-8); and vols. 9-11 (in box n. 3): Theater (9) and La Galatea (10-11).
1839-1842 Stuttgart Verlag der J. B. Metzler'schen Buchhandlung Sämmatliche Romane und Novellen Adelbert von Keller; Friedrich Notter GER 6 8vo I. Complete Works TAMU
Description: 12 vols. in 6. Vols. 1-5: Don Quixote; vols. 6-7: Galatea; vols. 8-10: Novels; vols. 11-12: Persiles and Sigismunda.
1841 Paris Baudry, Librería Europea Obras de Miguel de Cervantes: Trabajos de Persiles y Sigismunda: historia setentrional; La Galatea, Viaje al Parnaso, y Obras dramáticas SPA 2 8vo I. Complete Works P53916 TAMU
Description: First edition;2 vols. of 6, in the "Colección de los mejores autores españoles," vol. XXV and XXVI, with the "Vida de Cervantes", by M. Fernández de Navarrete.
1846 Madrid Imprenta de M. Rivadeneyra y CIA. Obras de Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra Buenaventura Carlos Aribau SPA 1 4to I. Complete Works TAMU
Description: Vol. 1
1850 Paris Baudry, Librería Europea Obras de Miguel de Cervantes. El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha SPA 1 8vo large I. Complete Works S130; P51906; BN122; A183 TAMU
Illustrations: Contains one frontispiece unsigned (based on Charles-Antoine Coypel's design), a vignette in the title page engraved by Henri Désiré Porret, one portrait of Cervantes engraved by Geoffroy after José del Castillo's design (Madrid: Ibarra, 1780), and 12 chapter illustrations engraved by Villerey (Auguste Villerey?; only three are signed) after J. Rivelles' designs (Madrid: Imprenta Real, 1819). "The engraving is unequal, the signed ones being superior to the others" (Ashbee). Same plates first engraved for Paris: Baudry, 1835 (with portrait engraved by Blanchard). Also in Paris: Baudry, 1840 (portrait by Geoffroy); plus facsimile of a document (letter signed by Cervantes).
Description: Third edition after 1841 first edition of Obras Completas in 4 volumes, with Life of Cervantes by Navarrete. Text after RAE Madrid 1819 edition. Cushing has vol. 1 only.
1865-1866 Madrid Gaspar y Roig Obras de Cervantes. SPA 2 4to small I. Complete Works A212; S165; P52122; RR136, 160, 162, 189, 205; GG245; LC11; BN151 TAMU
Illustrations: Vol. 1 contains a portrait of Cervantes engraved by Antonio Roca y Sallent (first appearing in Barcelona: Impr. J. Mayol, 1841); six chapter illustrations designed by Vicente Urrabieta Ortiz (2), José Vallejo y Gabazo (2) and Tony Johannot (2) and engraved by Cibera (3), José Severini (2) and Martí (1); and 284 vignettes designed by Tony Johannot (279) and Vicente Urrabieta (1) (four unsigned) and engraved by Cibera, A. Martí, Jaime Gaspar, Tomás Carlos Capuz, Paris, Toro, Vilaplana and Sierra. Same wooden blocks first engraved for Madrid: Gaspar y Roig, 1847 (according to Ashbee with one portrait + ten engravings + 419 wood-engravings); re-printed (all or a selection) for Madrid: Gaspar y Roig, 1850, 1851, 1864, 1875 and 1879. Tony Johannot's designs are the same, first appearing in Paris: Dubochet, 1836-37. Also contains four vignettes designed by Miranda and engraved by Capuz about Adolfo de Castro's El Buscapié.
Description: Vol 1. El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha, annotated and with the Buscapié by A. de Castro, and vol 2, La Galatea, Novelas ejemplares, Persiles y Sigismunda, Viaje del Parnaso, Poesías sueltas. Fourth edition in "Biblioteca Ilustrada"; same as the first edition published in Madrid, 1847.
1880-1883 Madrid Moya y Plaza Obras de Cervantes SPA 5 8vo small I. Complete Works S209; P51912 TAMU
Description: Vols. 1-2: Don Quixote; vol. 3: La Galatea; vol. 4: Novelas ejemplares; vol. 5: Persiles y Sigismunda
1901-1903 Glasgow Gowans & Gray The Complete Works in Twelve Volumes J. Ormsby, N. Maccoll, H. Oelsner and A. B. Welford James Fitzmaurice-Kelly ENG 7 8vo small I. Complete Works P51926 TAMU
Description: Printed at the University Press: only 7 volumes were published. Vol. II, La Galatea, wanting; vols. III-VI Don Quixote and vols. VII-VIII Novelas ejemplares.
1901-1903-C Glasgow Gowans and Gray The Complete Works of Miguel de Cervantes J. Ormsby, N. Maccoll, H. Oelsner and A.B. Welford J. Fitzmaurice-Kelly ENG 7 8vo I. Complete Works P51926 TAMU
Illustrations: Ex libris Thomas F. Collison.
Description: Second copy complete: Vol. 2 La Galatea, Vols. 3-6 Don Quixote and vols. 7-8, Exemplary Novels. Only seven volumes were published. Copy from the Thomas F. Collison and Elizabeth Mason Collison Cervantes Collection donated by Bob and Malinda Wolter.
1914-1941 Madrid Imprenta de Bernardo Rodríguez/Gráficas Reunidas Obras completas de Miguel de Cervantes R. Schevill and A. Bonilla SPA 18 8vo I. Complete Works P51913 TAMU
Description: Critical edition in old Spanish of the complete works of Cervantes: La Galatea(1914), vols. I-II; Persiles(1914), vols. III-IV; Comedias y entremeses(1915-1922), vols. V-X; Viage del Parnaso(1922), vol. XI; Novelas ejemplares(1922-1925), vols. XII-XIV; Don Quixote(1928-41), vols. XV-XVIII.
1924 Madrid Librarian de los Sucesores de Hernando Obras de Miguel de Cervantes Buenaventura Carlos Aribau SPA 1 4to I. Complete Works P51907 TAMU
Description: Vol 1. : Vida de Cervantes, La Galatea, Novelas ejemplares, Don Quijote, Persiles y Sigismunda, Viaje al Parnaso, Poesías sueltas. Published in Biblioteca de autores españoles, n. 156. 7th ed.
1961 Moscow Pravda Sobranie socinenij (Works of Cervantes) N. Liubinov Fedor Viktorovich Kelin RUS 5 8vo I. Complete Works TAMU
Illustrations: Contains (vols. I-II with Don Quixote) a Cervantes's portrait designed and engraved by Dmitry Bisti and 32 chapter illustrations reproducing Gustave Dorè's designs (Paris: Hachette, 1863); (vols. III-V with other Cervantes' works) 38 vignettes designed and engraved by Dmitry Bisti (including an initial with Cervantes' portrait, illustrated title pages, and two-pages headpieces).
Description: Vols. 1-2, Don Quixote, with notes by V. Uzin; vols. 3-4, Exemplary novels, vol. 4 Galatea, Viaje del Parnaso and Plays; vol. 5, Persiles.
1964 Barcelona Juventud Obras completas SPA 1 8vo I. Complete Works TAMU
Description: Vol 2 only; Novelas ejemplares, Persiles y Sigismunda, Comedias y entremeses. Published in Colección Clásicos y Modernos.
1993 Madrid Fundación José Antonio de Castro Obras completas Domingo Ynduráin and Manuel Arroyo SPA 4 4to I. Complete Works TAMU
Description: Biblioteca Castro, boxed set: Vol. I, Don Quijote; Vol II, Teatro; Vol. III, Novelas ejemplares, Poesia; Vol. IV, La Galatea, Persiles y Sigismunda.
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