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1585 (1985) Alcalá Juan de Gracián Primera Parte de La Galatea, dividida en seys libros SPA 1 4to a. Editions P51914 TAMU
Description: Facsimile of first edition of La Galatea (1585); a reprint, Madrid: Real Academia Española, 1985, using restored plates from first issue published by RAE in 1917-23; vol 1 (1985).
1613 (1923) Madrid Juan de la Cuesta Novelas exemplares de Migvel de Cervantes Saavedra SPA 1 4to a. Editions P53399; P53490 TAMU
Illustrations: Includes twelve chapter illustrations, process reproductions after Jacob Folkema from La Haya: J. Néaulme, 1739 edition, one per novel.
Description: Facsimile of princeps edition, bound in vellum and extra illustrated; Berlín-Buenos Aires: Editora Internacional, 1923.
1613 (1981) Madrid Juan de la Cuesta Novelas exemplares de Migvel de Cervantes Saavedra SPA 1 4to a. Editions P51914 TAMU
Description: Facsimile of the princeps edition; reprint of the RAE facsimile edition in 7 vols. (1917-23) using the same plates, now restored; vol. 4 (1981).
1614 Brusselas Roger Velpio y Huberto Antonio Novelas exemplares SPA 1 8vo a. Editions R222; P53402 TAMU
Description: 4th edition overall (same year as 2nd and 3rd), identical to princeps Madrid, 1613. Bound in contemporary vellum, one leaf in facsimile. Acquisition made possible in part by the Lynn Holleran and Chuck Bowman Cervantes Endowment.
1614 (1980) Madrid Por la viuda de Alonso Martín Viage del Parnaso SPA 1 8vo small a. Editions TAMU
Description: Facsimile of first edition, published by José Esteban, Madrid, 1980.
1614; 1617 (1990) Madrid Por la viuda de Alonso Martín / Juan de la Cuesta Viage del Parnaso / Los trabajos de Persiles y Sigismunda SPA 4to 1 a. Editions P51914 TAMU
Description: New facsimile of first editions of the Persiles (1617) and Viage del Parnaso (1614) in one volume (n. 6), republished by Real Academia Española in Obras completas de Miguel de Cervantes; first issued in 1917-1923.
1615 (1984) Madrid Por la viuda de Alonso Martín de Balboa, a costa de Juan de Villarroel Ocho comedias, y ocho entremeses nuevos, nunca representados SPA 1 4to a. Editions TAMU
Description: Facsimile of the first edition, Madrid: Real Academia Española, 1984.
1625 Paris Estienne Saussié and Denis de Cay Les Nouvelles de Michel Cervantes F. de Rosset and S. d'Audigvier FRE 2 8vo a. Editions R887; P53522 TAMU
Illustrations: Title page for vol. 2 with ornamental woodcut.
Description: Rare edition following the first (1615) with the same characteristics and contents; 2 vols in 1. Six novels translated by Rosset and other six by d'Audigvier, plus the Histoire de Ruis Dias by Sr. de Bellan. Contemporary full calf binding; title page to part 1 wanting; title page of part 2 at front; very rare.
1629 Venetia Presso il Barezzi Il Novelliere Castigliano di Michiel di Cervantes Saavedra Gvglielmo Alessandro de Nouiliere, Clauelli ITA 1 8vo a. Editions P53548 TAMU
Illustrations: Includes ornamental initials and tailpieces.
Description: Second edition of first Italian translation of the Novelas ejemplares, with some textual variants and marginal notes; first edition published in 1626. It has modern binding in vellum.
1707 Amsterdam Chez André Moetjens Ensemble de 6 oeuvres de Cervantes Saint Martin de Chassonville FRE 1 12vo a. Editions TAMU
Illustrations: 6 frontispieces engraved by Jean Duvivier; Cushing's copy wanting tittle page and frontispiece for "L'Amant liberal".
Description: It includes: "L'Amant Liberal","L'Egyptienne", "La Force du sang", "L'Espagnolle angloise", "Les deux amantes", and "Le Jaloux d'Estramadure".
1713 Amsterdam chez Claude Jordan Libraire Nouvelles de Michel de Cervantes FRE 2 16vo a. Editions TAMU
Illustrations: 4 unsigned chapter illustrations after Amsterdam: 1707.
Description: Cushing owns vol. 2 only. It includes 6 novels: "Le Mariage Trompeur", "Scipion et Bergance", "L'Espagnolle angloise", "Les Deux amantes", "Le Jaloux d'Estramadure" and "Cornelie".
1719 Madrid Juan Sanz Los trabajos de Persiles, y Sigismunda. Historial septentrional. SPA 1 8vo a. Editions P53904 TAMU
Description: New corrected edition with chapter headings; bound in parchment, restored.
1720 Amsterdam Chez N. Etienne Lucas Nouvelles de Michel de Cervantes L'Abbé Saint-Martin de Chassonville FRE 2 12mo a. Editions P53531 TAMU
Illustrations: Frontispiece (repeated in both volumes) with earliest known portrait of Cervantes, plus 11 illustrations, one per novel, by anonymous artist.
Description: 3rd edition published in Amsterdam, following the first one from 1707. It includes only 10 of Cervantes's novelas (missing: El licenciado vidriera and Rinconete y Cortadillo), and adds instead L'Histoire de Ruis Dias, which was included already in the first French translation of the Novelas done in 1615, as "composée par le Sr. de Bellan".
1723 Paris Chez Pierre Witte Nouvelles de Michel de Cervantes FRE 2 12mo a. Editions P53532 TAMU
Illustrations: 2 frontispieces (vol. 1 with portrait of Cervantes, same designed for Amsterdam: Marc Antoine, 1705 but newly engraved; and vol. 2 with allegorical theater scene), and 9 illustrations, one per novel (excepting "Le Mariage Trompeur" + "Entretiens de Scipion & de Bergance".
Description: Cushing has two copies of vol. 1 (one copy with the "Aprobation"). Vol. I includes: L'Illustre fregone, L'Amant liberal, L'Egyptienne and La force du sang, by Cervantes, plus Histoire de Ruis Dias. Vol. II includes: Le Mariage Trompeur, Entretiens de Scipion & de Bergance, L'Espagnolle Angloise, Les deux Amantes, Le Jaloux d'Estramadure, and Cornelie.
1728 Bristol Printed by S. Farley A collection of novels. written originally in Castillian, by Don Miguel de Cervantes Harry Bridges ENG 1 8vo a. Editions P53558 TAMU
Description: It includes translations of The gypsie; The dogs of Mahudez; The deceitful marriage; The illustratious chambermaid; The jealous estramaduran, as well as The history of Ruy Dias, a spaniard, and Quixaire, princess of the Moluccoes, not by Cervantes. Edition sponsored by Lord Carteret, also responsible for the 1738 Tonson's edition of the Quixote. Rare.
1729 London John Watts A Select Collection of Novels and Histories, by several Eminent Hands Samuel Croxall ENG 2 12mo a. Editions TAMU
Illustrations: Same frontis in vols. 1 and 6 designed by Joseph Highmore and engraved by Gerard van der Gucht; vol. 1 with 6 chapter illustrations (including 1 about The Jealous Estremaduran, unsigned; and 1 about The Adventures on the Black Mountains or Dorotea's story by John Vanderbank and Gerard van der Gucht); vol. 6 with 7 chapter illustrations (including 1 about The Spanish lady of England and 1 about The Lady Cornelia, both by Joseph Highmore and Gerard van der Gucht.
Description: Second edition in 6 vols. Cushing has volume 1 including The Jealous Estremaduran and The Adventures on the Black Mountains or Dorotea's story; and volume 6 with The Spanish Lady of England and Lady Cornelia. The complete set collection is in six volumes and includes nine novels by Cervantes altogether. Not in Palau.
1733 Amsterdam Jan Kouwe Vermaakelyke Minneryen Bestaande in Ongehoorde ontmoetingen, worderlyke omzwervingen en zeltaame uitkoomsten... Benjamin van der Meer DUT 2 8vo a. Editions P53576 TAMU
Illustrations: Contains one frontis and 11 chapter illustrations designed and engraved by Adolf van der Laan.
Description: First translation-edition of the Novelas exemplares in Dutch. 2 volumes in 1. It includes only 11 of Cervantes´ novelas plus "Historia de Ruiz Diaz.". Palau gives date of edition as 1731; very rare, not in COPAC, and no copies in USA libraries (WorldCat).
1736 Madrid Juan de Zuñiga La Galatea [...] Va añadido El Viage del Parnaso del mismo autor SPA 1 8vo a. Editions TAMU
Description: Copy is wanting the original printed page 95 of Viage del Parnaso, but it is replaced with a handwritten page.
1739 En Haya A costa de J. Néaulme Novelas exemplares P. Pineda SPA 2 8vo a. Editions P53421 TAMU
Illustrations: Includes 2 portraits of Cervantes (one for each vol. as frontis) and 13 chapter illustrations (one for each novel + El curioso impertinente) designed and engraved by Jacob Folkema.
Description: First edition thus, and first illustrated edition in Spanish, with a Dedication to Doña María Fane, Condesa de Westmorland by Pedro Pineda, dated in London, 1736.
1742 London Printed by H. Kent, for William Sandby, Bookseller, at the Ship without Temple-bar Two Humorous Novels, viz. I. A Diverting Dialogue between Scipio and Bergansa . . . . II. The Comical History of Rinconete and Cortadillo Robert Goadby ENG 1 12mo a. Editions RR782; P53561 TAMU
Description: Second edition. First edition published in 1741.
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