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The most reliable and accurate portrait to date is that provided by Cervantes himself in his prologue to the Novelas ejemplares (1613):

"He whom you see here, of aquiline features, with chestnut hair, a smooth
forehead, with sparkling eyes, and a nose arched, though
well-proportioned,--a beard of silver which, not twenty years since, was of
gold,--great moustaches, a small mouth, the teeth of no account, for he has
but six of them, and they in bad condition and worse arranged, for they do
not hold correspondence one with another; the body, between two extremes,
neither great nor little; the complexion bright, rather white than brown;
somewhat heavy in the shoulders--this, I say, is the aspect of the author
of "La Galatea" and "Don Quixote of La Mancha," and composed the "Voyage
of Parnassus," . . commonly known as Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra."


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