Plate V, "Don Quichotte attaché a une Fenestre par la malice de Maritorne," is
inserted in Volume I, Chapter 43, page 457, although the engraving indicates its original
placement in Volume II, Chapter 39. It indicates that the artist is indeed Coypel--"Ch. Coypel
invenit et pinx"--and that the engraver in this case was F. Joullain. The legend at the bottom
reads: "AParis chez Surrugue rue des Noyers vis-à-vis S. Yves." The dimensions of the plate
in its present condition are 316 x 301 mm. It is printed on a thicker stock than the one used in
the English edition for the two plates by Van der Gucht. The inking is dark and there is
little evidence of embossing.


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