Plate IX, depicts the final scene of Maese Pedro’s episode, in which Don Quixote
attacks the puppets, and the title caption reads "Don Quichotte prenant des Marionnettes pour des
Maures croit en les combattant secourir deux amants fugitives." The same initials mentioned
before appear in the lower right portion of the engraving, but this time a reference is
included to the corresponding part of the text--Volume 3, Chapter 26--which is indeed
where the action depicted occurs. In our copy of Bowle’s edition it is also inserted in the right
place at the end of Part II, Chapter 26, page 211. The author of this folio engraving was in
fact François de Poilly le jeune, the only one he did in the series. Like the previous plate,
it is printed on heavy paper; the image is embossed and the ink impressions are dark. It
measures now 309 x 338 mm.

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