Plate XI, is entitled "Poltronerie de Sancho a la Chasse," and has been inserted in
Volume II, Chapter 34, page 269 (Volume IV, page 34 in its original placement). It was engraved
by C. N. Cochin26 and carries the following legend, "Sevend a Paris chez Surrugue rue des
Noyer avec Privilege." This is a very rich and very detailed engraving, slightly larger in size
and printed on coarser paper. The general appearance, embossing, and dark inking are,
however, the same as those in the previous three plates. The indication of a page in the text
with which it was originally associated, instead of a chapter number, could also indicate
different provenance. Nevertheless, because of its size and quality we are inclined to believe
that the differences are due to the engraver and not the edition. The trimmed plate measures now
328 x 354 mm.

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