Plate VI, is entitled "La Doloride affligée de sa barbe vient prier Don Quichotte
de la Venger," carries the inscription "Car Coypel pinxit," and is inserted opposite the
title page for Volume II of Bowle’s edition as a frontis. Since it does not have any
correspondence with the text as an illustration, and since no indication of a particular volume,
chapter, or page is given, one could conclude that this print was not produced for any
particular edition and was instead sold as a separate engraving. It is printed in thick paper
with dark inking, and has evidence of embossing in spite of the trimming that has occurred along
the top. In style and execution the figures resemble those appearing in Surugue’s other
engravings, particularly in Plate X above (Figure 6). In its present condition and
grangerized state it measures 312 x 318 mm.

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