Plate X, "Don Quichotte fait demander par Sancho a la Duchesse la permission de la
voir," is inserted in Volume II, Chapter 30, page 231 of Bowle’s edition but illustrated
Volume III, Chapter 343 [sic] at one time. The engraver of this plate is Surugue and it dates
from 1723. Although the legend in this case reads "Se vende a paris chez Surugue au bas de
la Montagne Ste. Genvieve, avec privilege du Roi," and could thus signal a different
printing, all other features, including size, paper, appearance, and inking would seem to
indicate that this plate also comes from the 1724 Paris series of Coypel’s designs produced
and sold by Surugue between 1724 and 1744. The plate measures in its present condition 325 x
313 mm.


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