Plate III, represents a single instance of an engraving (showing Sancho’s
tossing in the blanket at the inn) with no indication of title, authorship, or engraver,
and it has no text or caption at all. The artist is in fact Pierre Charles Trémolières
(1703-1739) and the plate was engraved by Jacques van der Schley, as it appears identified
in the French 1746 edition, being one of the six engravings there included not authored by
Coypel. It has been correctly inserted in Volume I, Chapter 16, page 117 in Bowle’s edition. The
figures are larger and less well defined, particularly the faces, the scene and characters
are more rustic, and the representation in general is more realistic and has an atmosphere
more English than French. The paper is thinner than in the plates described above, and the ink
impression somewhat lighter. It is larger than the plates by Coypel, measuring 313x360 mm.

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