Plate XIV, the final engraving in this group, is an allegorical design by Coypel
entitled "Don Quichotte conduit par la Folie et Embrasé de l’amour extra vaguant de Dulcinée
sort de chez luy pour estre Chevalier Errant." It has been inserted at the beginning of Volume
III facing the title page for the Anotaciones. As in the case of Plate VI, no textual reference
is given for the illustration, and no indication as to where it was executed or sold. Although
the name of the engraver is not included, this first folio engraving of Coypel’s painting was
made by Surugue in 1723-24. The only other writings in it are the caption "C. Coypel pinx"
and the initial already mentioned above. It does not show any evidence of trimming, and measures
now 320 x 333 mm.

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