Plate XIII illustrates Sancho’s reunion with his rucio after renouncing to his
island, and is entitled, "Comme Sancho Revient du gouuernement dune Ile." The caption also
includes a reference to the place in the text it is supposed to accompany, "volume 3, chapitre
IX," although, again, the event does not occur until chapter 53 of the second part, where it is
correctly inserted in Bowle’s text, between pages 416 and 417. There is also a similar
indication as to the person and place where the engraving originated, "AParis chez Radigue Rue
Sr. Jacque avec priuilege du Roy." As in the case of Plate III by Trémolières, the figures
and their appearance, as well as the setting and mood of the scene, are not the refined ones
characteristic of Coypel’s designs. This engraving
has not suffered any trimming, the printed imaged is
embossed, and it measures 330x425 mm.

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