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Image 1846-London-Noble-02-001-f 
Illustration No. 1     
Illustrator Thomas Uwins 
Engraver Alfred William Warren 
Title Caption Sancho resisting the scullions attack on his beard. 
Title Supplied  
Part Part II, Madrid 1615  
Chapter Chapter 32 
Subject 32.3 Washing of beards episode
Illustration Type Chapter illustration
Technique Burin engraving
Etching (acquaforte)
Color Black and white 
Volume II 
Page Number f. illustrated title page 
Image Dimension 96 x 57 
Page Dimension 117 x 75 
Commentary Several Duke's servants try to wash Sancho's beard with dirty water, so the squire runs away.
In the background (right), the Duke, Duchess and don Quixote.
Sancho's figure is quite expressive, but it looks forced.
Drawing and engraving are quite good. 
Notes 1 - Same plate first engraved for London: J. Walker, 1818.
2 - Placed as frontispiece.