Plate XII, was engraved by F. Joullain, the engraver of Plate V, and carries
the title "Memorable Jugement de Sancho." It is now inserted in Volume II, Chapter 45, page 343
of Bowle’s edition, (Volume IV, Chapter 45 in the original edition). It depicts the conclusion
of one of Sancho’s veridicts at Barataria. It is a magnificent engraving, full of movement and
expression, finely executed. The paper is thicker than in the previously described plate
in this group; the inking is lighter and there is evidence of embossing surrounding the
engraved image. It measures 325 x 342 mm, and has a more extensive legend, "AParis chez
Surugue graveur du Roi rue des Noyers vis-avis S. Yves avec privilege du Roi."

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