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1986 Milano Editoriale del Drago Il fantastico idalgo Don Chisciotte della Mancia Francesco Gamba Mario Faustinelli IT 2 4to large b. Editions EU
Illustrations: With complete set reproducing the Quixote illustrations by Dalí, as well as 52 other art works by Dalí. Illustrated Appendix and essays in vol. 2.
Description: Introduction by H. Heine, and by the editor about Dalí´s Quixote. Appendix "Intorno al Don Chisciotte in vol. 2 by M. Faustinelli and Virginia Poncioroli Gain, plus italian translations of essays by M. Menéndez Pelayo, Ortega y Gasset, Unamuno, and Azorín. Printed in 1992 by Arti Grafiche Motta.
1986 Morristown, N.J. Silver Burdett Press How I Cured Don Quixote by Doctor Sancho Panza Gaëtan Evrard ENG 1 8vo d. Children's Editions TAMU
Illustrations: Includes one illustrated title page and 21 illustrations (11 double pages) by Gaëtan Evrard; also with pictorial front and back covers, dust jacket, and end papers; all in color (first published in Paris-Gembloux: Duculot, 1986).
Description: English translation by Paula Franklin of "Comment J´ai Gueri Don Quichotte par le Docteur Sancho Panza" (Paris-Gembloux: Duculot, 1986).
1986 New York Grove Press Don Quixote, which was a dream Kathy Acker ENG 1 8vo e. Continuations and Imitations EU
Description: First edition. A collage punk narrative in which Don Quixote as a female knight sallies in pursuit of justice in modern America.
1986 New York Columbia University Press The Bounds of Reason: Cervantes, Dostoevsky, Flaubert Anthony J. Cascardi ENG 1 8vo c. Criticism EU
1987 Barcelona Círculo de Lectores Don Quijote de la Mancha SPA 2 F b. Editions TAMU
Illustrations: Illustrated by Antonio Saura
Description: Texts by Martín de Riquer. Commemorative edition for 25 anniversary of the Círculo de Lectores.
1987 Berlin Gebr. Mann Verlag Don Quijote in der Kunst: Wandlungen einer Symbolfigur Johannes Hartau GER 1 8vo c. Criticism EU
Illustrations: Numerous representative illustrations in b/w.
1987 Darmstadt Julius von Liebig Verlag Miguel Cervantes Saavedra, Don Quijote GER 1 4to V. Bibliographies and Catalogues TAMU
Illustrations: Includes black and white reproductions of 160 full-page colored board etchings as well as 186 vignettes by Schlotter, from 1977-1981
Description: Catalog for an itinerant exhibition, 5 February-28 March 1982; Gutenberg-Museum Mainz.
1987 Madrid S.A. de Promoción y Ediciones El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha Justo Garcia Soriano and Justo Garcia Morales SPA 4 8vo b. Editions TAMU
Illustrations: Includes a portrait of Cervantes (by Jáuregui?), 120 illustrations by Doré and 48 illustrations from several other editions. Also includes facsimiles of title pages from selected editions.
Description: Includes "Guía del lector del Quijote," with a study of the illustrations and a bibliography.
1987 Madrid Editorial Gredos El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha Vicente Gaos SPA 3 4to b. Editions EU
Description: "Edición crítica y comentario." Volume III contains Appendixes, bibliography and indexes.
1987 Madrid Ediorial Pliegos Cervantes y Borges: La inversión de los signos Lelia Madrid SPA 1 8vo c. Criticism EU
1987 México Fundación Cervantina Eulalio Ferrer Museo Iconográfico del 'Quijote' Antonio Rodríguez SPA 1 8vo large f. Albums and Engravings TAMU
Illustrations: 52 color reproductions of the paintings and other art pieces in the Museum´s collection.
Description: Study and catalog of the Museum's holdings in Guanajuato, México, from the collection of Eulalio Ferrer donated to the state of Guanajuato.
1987 New York Chelsea House Publishers Cervantes Harold Bloom ENG 1 8vo c. Criticism EU
Description: Part of the Modern Critical Views series. A collection of classical essays on Cervantes by Leo Spitzer, E. Auerbach, J. Ortega y Gasset, Jorge Luis Borges, Michel Foucault and others; some translated from Spanish and French.
1987 Newark Juan de la Cuesta A Study of 'Don Quixote' Daniel Eisenberg ENG 1 8vo c. Criticism EU
Description: Preface by Richard Bjornson, number 6 in the Estudios Cervantinos series.
1987 Paris Les classiques abrégés de l'école des loisirs L'ingénieux hidalgo don Quichotte de la Mancha Louis Viardot Guy Kellal FRE 1 8vo d. Children's Editions TAMU
Illustrations: Illustrations by Tony Johannot.
Description: Edition abridged by Guy Kellal, with a glossary.
1987 Rio de Janeiro Diagraphis D. Quixote POR 1 Folio f. Albums and Engravings TAMU
Illustrations: Contains 21 large color illustrations by C. Portinari, accompanied with texts by Carlos Drummond de Andrade.
Description: This edition is limited to 1000 copies. It is a collection of plates depicting scenes from the Quixote painted by Portinari in 1956, and accompanied by poems in Portuguese by Drummond de Andrade written in 1972. First published in 1973.
1987 Toledo Ayuntamiento de Esquivias Homenaje de Esquivias a Cervantes SPA 1 8vo a. Biography TAMU
Illustrations: 35 photographs and back cover with a drawing by Alberti.
Description: Limited edition, Cushing's copy #1073. Collection of essays about Cervantes and his family. Prologue by Cristina Sánchez Sotelo and Appendix with photographic reproductions of documents and monuments.
1988 Alcalá de Henares Fundación Colegio del Rey; Servicio Municipal de Archivos y Bibliotecas Archivo de Alcalá: Imagen gráfica Gabriel Villalba and José M. Nogales Herrera SPA 1 4to small b. Geography and History TAMU
Illustrations: Illustrated with numerous reproductions in black and white and color of documents, title pages and other items in the archive as well as in the Bibliotecas Cervantina, Complutense and Histórica in Alcalá de Henares.
Description: Catalog of the Municial Archive exhibit in Alcalá at the Casa de la Entrevista, April-May 1988; Dir. by Angel González Villamayor.
1988 Barcelona Sirmio Cervantes, Pasamonte y Avellaneda Martín de Riquer SPA 1 12mo c. Criticism EU
Description: First edition: May, 1988, Biblioteca general, 4.
1988 Buenos Aires Editorial Plus Ultra El Quijotismo y la raza en la generación de 1898 Helene Tzitsikas SPA 1 8vo c. Criticism TAMU
1988 Columbia University of Missouri Press Cervantes: The Writer and Painter of Don Quijote Helena Percas de Ponseti ENG 1 8vo c. Criticism EU
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