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1863 Paris L. Hachette et Cie. Histoire de l'admirable Don Quichotte de la Manche FRE 1 8vo b. Editions P52842; A225, 256; RR604, 628 TAMU
Illustrations: Contains 12 chapter illustrations (one placed as frontispiece) and 52 vignettes designed by Albert d'Arnoux 'Bertall' and Eugène-Hippolyte Forest and engraved by Midderigh, Charles Maurand, Jean Achille Pouget, Minne, François Pierdon, Pannemaker (Adolphe François Pannemaker?), Jules-Jean-Marie-Joseph Huyot, Follin, Noël Eugène Sotain and Edmond Joseph Charles Meunier (not always signed). There are 12 illustrations designed by Forest and engraved by Pouget first appeared in Paris: Hachette, 1853 (17 illustrations in total).
Description: First edition published by Hachette in 1859. The total of 64 illustrations includes 12 from 1853 edition (by Forest and Pouget), 42 from 1859, and 10 new.
c1863 Paris Garnier Frères Le Don Quichotte de la jeunesse Florian FRE 1 4to small d. Children's Editions A251; S671; P52854 TAMU
Illustrations: This edition includes a vignette in the title page (unsigned), eight chapter illustrations, 105 headpieces and 69 tailpieces designed by Pierre Gustave Eugène Staal and engraved in wood by Eugène Mouard, Pannemaker (Adolphe François Pannemaker &/or Stéphane Pannemaker), Midderigh, Laurent Hotelin, Navellier & L. Marie, Brugnot, M. Lambert, and Andrew, Best & Leloir. Many unsigned, many after Johannot and many probably not originally engraved for this edition (generic scenes).
Description: New edition, bound by Paul Souze, with decorations and ornaments in gold.
1863b Paris Librairie de L. Hachette et Cie. L´ingénieux hidalgo don Quichotte de la Manche L. Viardot FRE 2 F b. Editions A247; S667; P52853; RR376(162) TAMU
Illustrations: High resolution 600 dpi images of illustrations by Paul Gustave Louis Christophe Doré, engraved by Héliodore Joseph Pisan.
c1864-1867 London Cassell, Petter and Galpin The History of Don Quixote J. W. Clark, after Charles Jarvis and Peter Motteux ENG 1 F small b. Editions A247; S438; RR514; P52563 TAMU
Illustrations: This edition has 375 wood engravings by Gustave Doré (127 headpieces, 128 tailpieces and 120 plates).
Description: Biographical note by T. Teignmouth. Published in installments between 1864 and 1867, according to Ríus.
c1864 New York P. F. Collier The History of Don Quixote J.W. Clark, after Jarvis and Motteux ENG 1 8vo b. Editions TAMU
Illustrations: Illustrated by Gustave Doré.
1864 Paris Michel Lévy Freres Don Quichotte Victorien Sardou FRE 1 8vo c. Adaptations TAMU
Description: Drama in 3 acts, first represented in Paris, June 25, 1864. First edition.
1865-1869 Copenhaguen Fr. Woldikes Forlags Den sindrige adelsmand Don Quixote af la Manchas levnet og bedrifter Charlotta Dorothea Biehl DAN 2 8vo b. Editions A253; S902; RR627; GG237-238 BN
Illustrations: Contains 21 prints designed by Wilhem Nicolai Marstrand and lithographed by Th. Berghs; they are printed in sepia with reserves in white. Río y Rico is excessively critical: "Las láminas son verdaderamente malas, tanto por la composición de las escenas como por la indumentaria de los personajes en ellos representados". On the contrary, Marstrand's caricature style is quite remarkable.
Description: Second set of digital images from BN's copy.
1865-1869b Copenhaguen Fr. Woldikes Forlags Den sindrige adelsmand Don Quixote af la Manchas levnet og bedrifter Charlotta Dorothea Biehl DAN 2 8vo b. Editions A253; S902; RR627; GG237-238 TAMU
Illustrations: Illustrations by Wilhem Nicolai Marstrand lithographed by Th. Berghs; high resolution images 600 dpi.
Description: See copy 1 for additional information and annotations.
1865-1866 Madrid Gaspar y Roig Obras de Cervantes. SPA 2 4to small I. Complete Works A212; S165; P52122; RR136, 160, 162, 189, 205; GG245; LC11; BN151 TAMU
Illustrations: Vol. 1 contains a portrait of Cervantes engraved by Antonio Roca y Sallent (first appearing in Barcelona: Impr. J. Mayol, 1841); six chapter illustrations designed by Vicente Urrabieta Ortiz (2), José Vallejo y Gabazo (2) and Tony Johannot (2) and engraved by Cibera (3), José Severini (2) and Martí (1); and 284 vignettes designed by Tony Johannot (279) and Vicente Urrabieta (1) (four unsigned) and engraved by Cibera, A. Martí, Jaime Gaspar, Tomás Carlos Capuz, Paris, Toro, Vilaplana and Sierra. Same wooden blocks first engraved for Madrid: Gaspar y Roig, 1847 (according to Ashbee with one portrait + ten engravings + 419 wood-engravings); re-printed (all or a selection) for Madrid: Gaspar y Roig, 1850, 1851, 1864, 1875 and 1879. Tony Johannot's designs are the same, first appearing in Paris: Dubochet, 1836-37. Also contains four vignettes designed by Miranda and engraved by Capuz about Adolfo de Castro's El Buscapié.
Description: Vol 1. El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha, annotated and with the Buscapié by A. de Castro, and vol 2, La Galatea, Novelas ejemplares, Persiles y Sigismunda, Viaje del Parnaso, Poesías sueltas. Fourth edition in "Biblioteca Ilustrada"; same as the first edition published in Madrid, 1847.
c1865 Paris Furne, Jouvet et Cie. L´ingénieux chevalier Don Quichotte de la Manche , par Michel Cervantès Ch. Furne FRE 1 4to large b. Editions A252; S673; RR381 TAMU
Illustrations: Contains a portrait of Cervantes, an illustrated title page, two headpieces, two frontispieces, one tailpiece and 155 vignettes designed by Georges Roux and engraved in wood by Yon-Perrichon (Edmond Charles Joseph Yon & Paul Perrichon or Georges Léon Alfred Perrichon). "They vary in artistic merit, but are spirited and generally effective" (Ashbee). "Adornada con los recomendables dibujos de G. Roux, grabados por Yon-Perrichon" (Río y Rico).
Description: Includes Life of Cervantes.
1866-1868 Berlin A. Sacco Nachfolger Leben und Thaten des scharfsinnigen Edlen Don Quixote von la Mancha Ludwig Tieck GER 2 4to b. Editions P53062; S780 TAMU
Illustrations: Contains 376 illustrations by Gustave Doré
Description: The first edition in German with Doré's illustrations. Contains 46 installments in 34 fascicles.
1866 London & New York Frederick Warne and Co. ; Scribner Don Quixote de la Mancha Charles Jarvis ENG 1 8vo b. Editions A254, 432; S441; RR518; P52567; GG238-240; LC440 TAMU
Illustrations: Has a chapter illustration (placed as frontispiece) and 99 vignettes designed by Arthur Boyd Houghton and engraved in wood by the Dalziel Brothers. It also has illustrated stamped covers. One of the vignettes has been used twice (in the title-page and chapter). "The designs are original, bold and happy; and the engraving is well executed" (Ashbee). "... que demuestran bien a las claras que habían leído con poca atención la inmortal novela" (Río y Rico). "... sus líneas «quieren ser bellas en sí mismas», independientemente de lo que expresan" (Givanel).
Description: Th text is after the edition by M. Smirke (London, 1842). Cushing has two copies.
1866 London and New York G. Routledge & Sons Adventures of Don Quixote de la Mancha Charles Jarvis ENG 1 8vo b. Editions A232; S440; RR516; P52566 TAMU
Illustrations: Contains eight chapter illustrations designed by John Gilbert and engraved by Dalziel (Dalziel Brothers); different set of illus to that in London: Charles Daly, 1842 (and later).
Description: It is a reprint after the 1865 edition.
1866 Paris Furne, Jouvet et Cie. L´ingénieux chevalier Don Quichotte de la Manche, par Michel Cervantès Ch. Furne FRE 2 8vo b. Editions A236; S674; RR374 TAMU
Illustrations: Includes a portrait of Cervantes engraved by Charles-Amédée Colin and eight chapter illustrations engraved by Colin (2), Ch. Paquin (3) and Edmond Joseph Ramus (3) after Emile Jean Horace Vernet's designs (3) and Eugène Louis Lami's (5). Same plates first appeared in Paris: Furne, 1858 (also in 1861). Same designs first appeared in Paris: Mequignon, 1821 (also in 1822). Cushing copy lacks the portrait. Both Ashbee and Río y Rico refer to four illustrations by Vernet and four by Lami, but the illus. about "DQ hanged at the inn" is wrongly-signed by Vernet; it belongs to Lami. "Es, en conjunto, una buena edición, desde los puntos de vista artístico y tipográfico" (Río y Rico).
Description: This is a reprint of 1858 and 1861 editions with engravings copied after Paris: Méquignon, 1821 edition.
c1866 Paris Arnauld de Vresse Don Quichotte FRE 1 8vo d. Children's Editions A217 TAMU
Illustrations: Contains an illustrated title page and 21 chapter illustrations lithographed in color by Ricard after Edmond Morin's designs (first appearing in Paris: Chez Auber, 1850).
Description: Album of 15 numbered pages with brief captions; very rare edition.
1866-1868 Prague L. Kober Don Quijote de la Mancha J. B. Pichla CHE 2 8vo b. Editions A255; S941 Biblioteca Nacional
Illustrations: 1 illustrated title page (repeated for each part) and 126 initials designed by Quida Manesa (Guido Manes) and Karla or Karel Purkyne and engraved on wood by several woodengravers (M. Müllera, Rehacka, Paul Potter...).
Description: Digital images from copy at the Biblioteca Nacional, Madrid.
1867 Philadelphia Davis, Porter and Coates The History of Don Quixote de la Mancha ENG 1 8vo b. Editions TAMU
Illustrations: 6 chapter illustrations newly-engraved on wood by Longacre (Matthias Reiff Longacre?) after Gustave Doré (Paris: Hachette, 1863). Reprinted in New York: G. W. Carleton, 1877.
Description: Abridged edition, both parts in one volume.
1868 Madrid Urbano Manini El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha SPA 2 4to b. Editions P52128; BN157 TAMU
Illustrations: 2 illustrated title pages, and 12 illustrations designed by Vicente Urrabieta Ortiz and engraved by Antonio Manchón Quílez (1 illus. tp + 10 illus.), Gastón (or Castún; 1 illus. tp), and Toro (2 illus.). Also with a Cervantes' portrait by T. R. (Lit. de N. González, Madrid). Copy with illus. title page for tome II in tome I. Lacks illus. title page for tome I ("DQ reading chivalry books at his library"), Cervantes' portrait, and 6 illus. ("DQ and Maritornes", "DQ and Andrés", "DQ and the barber", "DQ and Micomicona", "DQ and the wineskins", and "DQ enchanted in the cage").
Description: First edition thus.
1868 Santander Gaceta del Comercio Ni Cervantes es Cervantes ni el Quijote es el Quijote Fabián Hernández SPA 1 8vo d. Miscellaneous TAMU
c1869 Leipzig Alfred Dehmigke's Verlag Leben und Thaten des sinnreichen Junker Don Quixote von La Mancha Dr. Lauckhard GER 1 8vo d. Children's Editions A259; P53065; RR602 TAMU
Illustrations: Contains nine chromolithographs after the designs by Ludwig Löffler (one illustrated cover + eight chapter illustrations); the lithographer is Oscar Fürstenau. Same illustrations also in Leipzig: Moritz Geiszler, 1880. Ashbee and Rico only mention six illustrations.
Description: Abridged edition for young readers.
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